LED Lighting Grant - 40% Off LED Lighting With A Lighting Grant For Schools In Dorset

Up To 40% grant off your LED lighting project

Dorset council are offering grants up to 40% off LED lighting for schools in Dorset. The grant could be used to help install a new lighting system for your school.

25 Years Experience In Electrical Engineering

For the last 25 years we have specialised in the design, installation and commissioning of Renewable Energy systems, LED lighting system design and installation, Electrical Inspection & Testing, Battery Storage and EV charge points, De-stratification systems and all Electrical contracting from domestic to Industrial including repair and maintenance in Dorset, Hampshire and surrounding counties.

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led lighting grant for dorset

High Intensity

LED lighting offers higher magnitude and reliability. Participating in sporting activities means you need steady lighting that enables students to perform in a well-lit environment. LED Philips indoor and outdoor lighting provides merely that. With long-lasting lights that illuminate big areas and don't dull as time goes on, you can easily increase efficiency and improve performance.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

LED illuminations aren't just better for performance enhancement. LED’s are in another league to common lights; their environmental advantages are one of the reasons. Compared to ordinary illuminations LEDs are actually a lot better for the atmosphere lowering the number of damaging emissions released into the atmosphere by a significant amount means they aid to fight global warming as well as the impact it is having on our world.

Aesthetically Appealing

LED lights are an appealing way to improve your school’s sports and academic facilities. Ensuring your student areas are lit to a high standard is the perfect way to imbed productivity into the students. Lighting makes a massive difference to overall mindset while playing sports and in the classroom , how can you feel productive and switched on if the room your working in is dull?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do LED Lights Save Money?

Led lights can save you a fortune on bills every month, Standard fluorescent lights and incandescent bulbs can cost a lot more than you might of initially anticipated when you add up all the maintenance repair and replacement costs you'd need to include. Whereas led lights may initially cost more than non-led’s but you get what you pay for and it will actually end up saving you money rather than costing you more.
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Why Is Good Lighting Important In School Environments?

Led lighting is a great investment for many different purposes. Whether it’s an illuminating work foyer your looking to upgrade to, a brightly lit sports hall, a classroom to focus students learning, or a school gym, led lighting does it all. LED lighting increases productivity and helps to enhance students performance in working areas making a significant difference to those wanting a lighting system that stands out from the rest. As a school, the right lighting can change the way your students learn but also change the way your school is perceived by others. Having lighting that provides top-quality illumination and brightens up spaces as you walk in shows others you care about your students work facilities and take pride in clean and efficient lighting that gives attention to detail and benefits numerous staff and students. Poor-quality lighting can reflect negatively on the school and especially have a negative impact on students. Learning in a room that has a dull atmosphere because the lights aren't bright enough can reflect on student's passion to learn and their ability to stay focused. LED’s give a whole new spin on learning and help to support students when they need it most.
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How Long Do LED’s Last?

LED’s have been proven to last significantly longer than non-led bulbs due to their robust design. Whilst it may seem like an easier option to purchase normal lights it comes at the cost of having to replace them every couple of years before they burn out. As a school with lots going on throughout the year and lights being a necessity for focused learning having to keep changing your lighting or getting it fixed can be a hassle and an unnecessary one. LED’s typically last over 10 years with little to no maintenance. Yes, they are more expensive than alot of other lights so it's weighing up whether you'd rather have lights that initially cost more but last longer or lighting that lasts on average 7 years less than LED’s but has a lower installation price.
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Are LED Lights Environmentally Friendly?

LED lights can be up to 85% more efficient than normal lights. This is because LED lights convert the majority of what they produce into light and only a small percentage of around 6% is maintained as heat. This is a lot healthier for our environment because it means less harmful emissions are being released into the atmosphere, minimising the chances of global warming rises. LED lights generate light focusing in one particular direction meaning their level of brightness is significantly higher than normal lights which focus their lights in multiple different directions and therefore waste more energy than LED’S. LED lights last longer, and the longer the lifespan of the light the less Co2 produced into the environment. Overall LED lights are a lot more beneficial for the planet than incandescent and fluorescent lights are.
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Can LED Lights Be Used Outside For School Pitches?

Yes, led lighting is designed to accommodate both inside and outside settings. Floodlights are commonly used as an outdoor lighting solution because they give extra illumination and attention to detail which is ideal for sports such as football, rugby and tennis. Finding the right lights can often be a challenge for various schools looking to upgrade their lighting system but no idea where to start looking and how much it will cost. We provide top-quality Philips led floodlights for outdoor school sports fields to ensure our customers get the best possible lighting at a competitive price.
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Do LED’s Save Energy?

LED’s have many proven benefits to them including being a lot more energy efficient than non-led lights. This means you could save a fortune just by upgrading your standard bulbs to brighter and more intense lighting. Saving energy is important to any business owner looking to be successful and save in as many areas as possible. LED’s give you the chance to do exactly this and enjoy the benefits at the same time.

Can LED Bulbs Be Used With Dimmer Controls?

LED’S are an efficient style of lighting that give you various options to change the setup of lighting depending on the type of led’s you get, dimmable controls may be available, however, not all led lights give you this opportunity so before purchasing any you'll need to check which lights can offer you this and which cant, if this is something you are interested in looking at. For school purposes dimmed controls could be useful in certain working environments such as classroom set ups when completing activities that benefit from softer lighting or watching clips that require more shadowed lighting to focus the screen.

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