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What We Provide At Empower Energy

As national installers completing installations for customers with businesses of all different sizes, we have the knowledge and experience to guide and support you through every step of your project and answer any questions you may have. From planning to post-install, we provide you with the best team to fit your needs.

Are Commercial Solar Panels The Right Fit For My Business?

Electricity prices are continuing to rise, making renewable energy a safe and financially smart choice for business owners. Solar allows you to monitor how much your spending on electricity and puts any surplus energy your solar generates to good, use with other options such as battery storage being available to businesses. A useful device for backup power supply in the event of a power cut or in evenings.

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    Ground Mounted Solar Vs Rooftop Installations

    Ground-mounted installations are another option to consider in the process of your commercial project. For businesses desperate for the benefits of commercial solar but have restricted roof space, a ground mounted install could be an ideal solution. Ground-mounted solar PV is perfect for farms, or businesses with a substantial amount of land where you’ve got the flexibility to expand on your PV panels in the future if you would like and their just as easy to remove if need be.

    Commercial rooftop solar panels are more reliant on the angle of your roof and fundamentally need a south-facing roof to ensure you get maximum efficiency out of your solar. Where as with ground-mounted solar, we can often accommodate your panels to face south for complete productivity.

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    How Efficient Is Your Business?

    Making changes to the way your business runs and considering ways to improve means asking yourself what you're looking to benefit from solar and how efficient your business is without it. Whether you’re a small business looking to grow or a larger business, interested in a commercial upgrade to enhance both your buildings economical and aesthetical features, solar can accommodate both these visions. Empower delivers exceptional installations of all sizes with 15 years of industry experience and knowledge behind us.

    How Commercial Solar Can Protect Your Business

    As any commercial business looking to achieve more and reflect this to their existing customers and potential customers, having solar as an added asset shows the type of company you are. Not just that but, it also encourages the public to do their bit for the environment as well in the cycle to create a greener community for everyone involved.

    Saving More For Less

    The financial benefits solar has to offer is one of the most significant reasons for commercial businesses upgrading to solar and changing how their company operates. With energy prices rocketing solar is now at the forefront for businesses seeking more financial flexibility and monthly savings.

    Cutting Your Businesses Carbon Footprint With The Help Of Renewable Energy

    Using clean, renewable energy to generate your businesses electricity as an alternative to electricity that costs considerably more to use, and releases harmful Co2 emissions is a much smarter way of working. As a planet on edge, of eternally damaging our environment, making what might seem like small changes to your business are the type of steps needed to prevent further destruction to our community.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Do Solar PV Panels Need Servicing?

    Solar panels fortunately require little maintaining especially in the winter when bad weather conditions mean the panels often clean themselves without any need to have to pay for engineers to come out and clean your solar panels. In the summer more work may be needed to keep the panels up to standard because the dry weather means the panels have little rain so are unable to stay clean and can therefore, get quite dirty and not look as appealing. Signing up to our maintenance package means you'll pay a fixed rate for the entire year and included in that is an annual solar panel clean and inspection from our commercial solar professionals to guarantee high panel efficiency.

    Regular maintenance checks are especially beneficial for businesses with larger solar panel systems because it ensures the panels are operating properly with no underlying issues. Something important to regularly check with large structures because if something does go wrong it can impact the business on a large scale. If your panels are installed on a flat roof, they’ll need regular cleans anyway because unlike solar panels installed on a slanted array that clean themselves when rain runs down, panels on a flat roof are unable to stay clean as easy. Getting your panels serviced terminates any issues before they become bigger and impact the overall functionality of the panels.

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    Do Solar Panels Damage Your Businesses Roof?

    Solar panels need to be installed carefully by professionals who have a great deal of knowledge and experience in the industry. Ensuring your installation goes smoothly and the roof is not damaged means using trusted and experienced solar installers with a good reputation. On the rare occasion, a roof is damaged it's likely that the roof was in bad condition to start with rather than the panels causing damage to the roof. In conclusion, commercial installations carried out by experts shouldn’t cause any problems to a building’s roof.

    How Long Does It Take For Solar Panels To Pay For Themselves?

    Solar panels are a great investment for any business, wanting to grow, whilst saving money at the same time. With commercial solar panels, the payback time can vary because the size of each businesses project can differ so much in size from ranging from as little as 10kw to as large as 250 kW with paybacks of between 8 and 12 years on average.
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    How Many Panels Do I Need For My Business?

    There is no definitive answer to this you can only be advised as to what could be suitable however, your business may need more or fewer panels depending on the size of your business, the amount of electricity you consume on average, the industry of your business and the amount of panels your roof can hold. These are all factors that will determine the appropriate size for your business. For instance a manufacturing business is likely to use a lot more electricity than a law firm would, however the size of a business will also affect the amount of electrics used. Larger businesses with more staff are likely to use a greater amount of electricity than a business that has less staff. Before evaluating how many panels your business needs you'll need to calculate how many panels your roof can have on it first.
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    How Much Do Solar Panels For My Business Cost?

    The cost of solar panels for your business can range anywhere from £5,000 to £80,000 + depending on the size you anticipate getting. Any businesses with knowledge about commercial solar will appreciate its impossible to put an exact price on the cost until your installers have received the necessary details to give you an accurate price. From the type of panels used, to the size you desire, these all play apart in determining the overall cost of your project.
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    What Will Happen To My Panels After 20 years?

    Photovoltaic solar panels often include a warranty of 20-25 years however, various solar customers have made use of their solar panels long after the warrantied time has finished. Solar panels have an average deficiency of around 0.5%-1% every year which would mean after 20 years your panels would still be over 80% efficient. Over time solar panels become slightly less effective and degrade over a period of time however, this doesn’t mean that after 20 years your panels are going to stop working by any means but does however, mean you’re guaranteed panel period is no longer valid.

    Battery Storage Solution?

    With commercial solar becoming a primary source of energy for most business, having a backup you trust for evenings when your solar PV isn't generating as much, or your workplace has a power shortage could be a useful addition. With battery storage as a backup solution, you won't need to worry about things going wrong. Your battery storage device will ensure your stored energy continues to provide you with power for several hours and in some cases, even days depending on the battery storage device you purchase. We recommend Tesla Powerwall 2 and Growatt Storage.

    We Install For Businesses Across The UK

    As a company that's been in the Solar PV industry for over 15 years, we've installed commercial solar systems for successful businesses across the UK. Whilst undergoing solar projects for farms and warehouses as well as installing commercial solar systems for large businesses, we work to convert wasted roof space and transform it into an intelligent, money-saving investment that's 100% productive. That's how we know Solar is an ideal fit for your business whatever the size or sector. In fact, for commercial solar systems, we always design the project around your energy usage to maximise the financial benefits. With commercial solar systems becoming more and more relevant in todays society and increasingly popular across the UK this could be the perfect way to make a positive change to your life whilst making a profit at the same time.

    What Are The Benefits Of Installing Solar Panels?

    At Empower our top priority is making sure our customers are satisfied with their commercial solar systems and the service we provide them from beginning to end. The benefits Solar offers goes above and beyond.

    • Renewable Energy source
    • Instant Cost reductions in Energy bills
    • Generate your self-sufficient clean electricity
    • Cost-Effective whilst having a positive affect on the Environment

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