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    In most cases restarting the inverter can clear minor errors and get an inverter communicating and producing again. For non-SolarEdge inverters please follow the restart procedure in the user manual.

    For SolarEdge inverters please follow the SolarEdge user manual, the standard process is to turn off the red toggle switch on the underside of the unit, wait a few minutes to allow the unit to discharge, then turn off the AC isolator. Follow the reverse process in order to turn the unit back on.

    “How do I get my SolarEdge app?”

    If you’ve recently had a solar installation from us, then we will process the paperwork required upon receipt of the completion payment. You will receive an email from SolarEdge asking you to register your account.

    “My Apps not showing data” / “My Inverters not connected”.

    Please follow this link or watch the YouTube video linked below.

    If these steps don’t work or do not match your inverter please submit a ticket including your email address requesting the full inverter communication steps.

    “How can I see my usage” / “how can I see my import/export”.

    In order to view your usage and your imported & exported power you will require a modbus meter. This monitors the required data and will provide your generation, consumption, imported & exported power figures all on your existing SolarEdge dashboard.

    If you have had a modbus meter installed and cannot see this data, please submit a ticket for your issue.

    If you have not had a modbus meter installed and would like one, please contact your sales advisor or email us at requesting a quotation for installation of a modbus meter.

    “I’m not generating as much as I thought I would be.”

    Please note generation will vary greatly over the year and your peak generation will be equal to your inverter size. For more information on the design process and oversizing of inverters please see the following video.

    “I don’t think I’m benefitting from my Solar”.

    The biggest benefits may require some slight lifestyle changes. Use your MySolarEdge app to see when your peak generation is and try to shift your power usage into this time slot. Things like washers, dryers and other high energy users can often be set on timers to run in the middle of the day.


    “My Eddi isn’t working” / My Eddi always says “Max Temp Reached”.

    This usually originates from the immersion heater. Turn off the Eddi and immersion heater and remove the plastic cover from the immersion heater if there is one. You should be able to see the temperature dial, check this is set to the correct temperature. There should also be a button or a

    pinhole labelled as “Reset”, “RS”, “Safety” or similar. Use a small object to push the button and reset the immersion element. Replace the cover and turn your devices on, the Eddi should now work as normal. If you have to do this frequently there may be a fault with your immersion heater.

    If this doesn’t resolve your issue, please submit a support ticket.

    “The MyEnergi app isn’t showing my solar?”

    In order to view your solar generation or battery you will require additional CT’s. You may also require an additional Harvi depending on the relative locations of your devices. If you already have these CT’s and they have stopped working, please submit a support ticket. If you do not have the required CT’s please contact your Sales Advisor or email us at requesting a quotation for the additional works.

    “The MyEnergi app isn’t working”.

    If you aren’t receiving any data from the MyEnergi app you may need to reconnect your MyEnergi device to the internet. If you have a V1 Eddi or Zappi and are using a Hub, then please check the connection on the hub and ensure it is paired to your devices. If you have a V2 Eddi or Zappi, then please check this is connected. Refer to the MyEnergi website for more details.

    If your app is showing yellow triangles against certain devices, then there have recently been issues with the connection to that device. Please check the devices are paired.

    Tesla Powerwall

    For questions and issues relating to your Powerwall you will find a host of information provided directly by tesla. For videos to help you please visit

    Or take a look at the follow for more on the Powerwall

    If you think you have a fault with your Powerwall please create a support ticket.


    “How do I get paid for my solar?” / “How do I claim the FiT or SEG”

    You will need to apply for the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG). This has taken over from the Feed-in-Tariff. To get an SEG you should speak to energy suppliers and see what tariffs they are willing to offer. Once you’ve picked a tariff, the supplier will ask you to fill in some forms, you may require your MCS Certificate and DNO Response letter which should be given to you by your installer, Empower Energy Ltd customers will find this in their client portal.