About Us Empower Energy Ltd

As a company born from a passion for offsetting the impact of climate change by harnessing the power of renewable energy, most specifically Solar power, Empower Energy, based in Ringwood Hampshire, has long established itself as one of the countries leading solar design and installation specialists.

With the Uk’s renewable energy industry being at the forefront of technological development, Empower has always remained ahead of the curve, becoming masters in our field, and having installed thousands of systems now, both commercial nationally and domestic on the south coast as well as battery storage and EV charge points.

From independent household systems, to schools, hotels, industrial units and solar farms. From generating energy, to transmitting, storing and using it in the most efficient way possible, we are proud to have helped so many to take the country one step closer to a greener future and it is our mission to continue to do so.

We are as passionate about the People, both Clients and staff alike, as we are about the products our engineers install. We like to provide the very best service from start to finish, never forgetting our roots no matter how much we have grown, 
with our Managing Director Ryan committed to keeping business practices evolving and aligned to effectively deliver the Empower Energy service to all customers. You’ll meet Ryan or Rob (Domestic Solar Consultants) when you book a site survey for your home or business.

A company of integrity, we are not about sales, but passionate engineers from out in the field, committed to bringing the very best products and the very best service and investments at an achievable price. We would love to hear from you if this is something you are interested in, so please do get in touch to speak to one of our fantastic team who will be delighted to answer any questions.

Why Choose Empower?

  • We provide in depth surveys and advanced software to ensure your system works to 100% potential BEFORE we install
  • We are a highly skilled, fully accredited and knowledgeable workforce, experts in our field
  • We employ up to date and extensive Health and Safety policies
  • We only use the best components to make sure your system has the longest life with minimum maintenance required
  • We will only sell you a system that delivers to its full potential
  • We are fully insured against all liabilities during installations
  • We offer after sales and optional support packages for you

Our Clients

Having spent the last 14 years perfecting what we do, we have built an incredible reputation within the industry and been lucky to have been asked to work with some wonderful clients, both commercial and domestic. From The Bic in Bournemouth, to Athelhampton house, Multiple schools and colleges to Verwood Hub, GW Martin, Nisbets  and Leatham’s, we are proud to have provided thousands of homes and businesses with energy saving solutions and here’s what our clients have to say about us

Our Services,  System Design And Installation

For every system we install a bespoke design is created by our expert design team, combined with support provided prior to contract, installation and commissioning.

Beyond, we continue to monitor the efficiency of your system and provide maintenance packages to ensure you continually get the most out of your investment.


We use state of the art digital equipment to model your proposed system, factoring in the sites orientation to south, the angle and pitch of the roof and the efficiency of the proposed modules and inverters. This will enable us to provide you with:

  • Design drawings
  • Optimised system sizing and specification
  • Performance analysis
  • Technical liaison as you require it
  • Compliance (Building regulations, planning permission, network operator permission, legislative compliance)

Installation And Commissioning

During this part of the process, we will provide:

  • Full risk assessment and health and safety compliance
  • In-house engineers and installers that will carry out your installation and ensure quality checks throughout
  • Liaison with contractors as required so you feel fully comfortable with the process at all times
  • Testing and commissioning, followed by certification
  • Performance guarantees and warranties

Passionate About What We Do

From first contact, we use our years of knowledge and expertise to guide you through the whole process of ensuring your investment into renewable energy is fully utilized and your clear on all your options and what will work best for you personally.

Whether looking to install Solar PV, electric vehicle charging points or battery storage, we ensure our team are kept up to date with all the latest technologies to fully advise you on how you can get the best out of your money and your home.

We have spent years researching not only the best products on the market, but at some of the most competitive prices, ensuring the vey best quality of workmanship.

At the very start we advise our clients on the feasibility of their requests and carry out cost analysis across each of our products and services.

We will carry out a full survey to determine the best outcome for you, based on your needs and requirements and create a bespoke design of what that will look like, until we reach the perfect outcome for you.

Meet Our Empower Energy Team

Since 2012 our team has constantly been growing
and helping customers to create a greener more sustainable future.

Ryan Mcshea

Managing Director

Sam Tudjaroglu

General Manager

Kevin Tarrant

Senior Project Manager

Heidi McShea

HR & Recruitment Manager

Mark Michelle

Head Of Electrical Operations & Senior Project Manager

Julija Gimbutiate

Executive Assistant To The Managing Director

Aaron Moss

Head Of Procurement & Stock Control

Shelley Read

Operations Manager

Matthew Foot

Lead Design Engineer

Claire McShea


Rob Mays

Sales Executive

Ben Watts

Maintenance Manager

Christian Weir

Design Engineer

Rob Brewer

Design Engineer

Megan Thompson

Operations Support

Chris Baker

Project Manager

Karl Pitt

Project Manager

TJ Elliot

Domestic Solar Team Leader

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