Battery Storage Solution

Power Everyday With Renewable Energy That You Can Use Day And Night.

Solar Battery Storage

Solar panels require sunlight to create energy, so as soon as its dark you'll be back using power from the grid. Having a battery means the surplus solar energy can be fed into it. The batteries are charged during the day by means of solar energy. The surplus solar energy is fed into the battery rather than being exported to the National Grid. This means that the batteries are always fully charged so that these can be put to use at night-time.

For the last 14 years we have specialised in the design, installation and commissioning of Renewable Energy systems, LED lighting system design and installation, Electrical Inspection & Testing, Battery Storage and EV charge points, De-stratification systems and all Electrical contracting from domestic to Industrial including repair and maintenance in Dorset, Hampshire and surrounding counties.

In the summer, when there is adequate solar energy, the home can run up to 3 weeks at a time without relying on the national grid. The StorEdge solution helps home owners reduce their electricity bills while maximising energy independence from the grid. StorEdge is compatible with the Tesla Powerwall 2 and is based on a single SolarEdge DC optimised inverter that manages and monitors PV production, consumption and storage. Unused PV Power is stored in the battery and utilised when needed to maximise self -consumption.

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    Whilst looking for an energy storage installer it's important to find one you not only trust but that can offer you a range of storage options that work for you. Different devices will have different capacity loads. This is something you'll need to look into thoroughly and compare against the amount of energy your system produces in order to determine the right solution for your home and what installers can offer you this.

    It's important that we make sure that all our customers get the best out of their installations. This includes excellent customer service from our end to provide you with complete sustainability throughout.

    How Can I Use My Battery Intelligently?

    Powering Your Home, The Way You Need

    Powerwall identifies power shortages and naturally turns into your homes primary energy supply. Protect your home from the next power outage and keep your lights on, phones charged, and no puddles under the fridge.

    Restoring Simplicity Back Into Your Home

    Tesla Powerwall works with solar to reduce your utility reliance and increase your self-sufficiency. Ensuring your home runs smoothly at all times.

    Octopus & Tesla Export Tariff Offer

    1 What Is The Tesla Energy Plan
    The Tesla Energy Plan is an energy tariff specifically designed for homes with solar and Powerwall installed, offering 100% clean electricity and savings of up to 75% compared to Big 6 tariffs, based on electricity consumption of 8,000 kWh/year. Electricity bills will differ based on usage.

    Is the Tesla Energy Plan Managed by Tesla?

    Tesla’s authorized retail partner, Octopus Energy, administers the plan. By joining the Tesla Energy Plan, you will become part of Tesla’s UK Virtual Power plant. Your Powerwall will be managed by Tesla and connected to a growing network of homes across the UK. The plan is designed to help support the energy needs and stability of the electricity grid–while providing you with ongoing savings through the most competitive rates in the market.

    2Am I Eligible For This New Offer?
    You are eligible for the 8p / kWh tariff if you have:
    • A Tesla vehicle
    • Electric Vehicle Charger installed at your home or are able to have one installed
    • Solar panels and Powerwall 2 (Or a home suitable for this)
    • Residential electricity supply
    • You are eligible for the 11p / kWh tariff if you have:
    • Solar panels and Powerwall 2 (Or a home suitable for this)
    • Residential electricity supply
    3 What Are The Tariff Details?
    No daily standing charge on your bill 24/7 import rate of 8p / kWh for current Tesla vehicle owners and 11p / kWh for non-Tesla vehicle owners. The lowest flat rate tariff available in the market (as of October 2020) 24/7 export rate of 8p / kWh for current Tesla vehicle owners and 11p / kWh for non-Tesla vehicle owners for any electricity you export - up to 100% more than the highest flat S.E.G. tariff on the market (as of October 2020)
    4 Other FAQ'S

    What If I Don’t Have Solar Panels Installed?

    To be eligible for the Tesla Energy Plan, you must have both solar panels and Powerwall 2 installed. To install solar panels, ideally you’ll need a minimum clear space of 24 square meters – about the size of a parking space – available on your roof. The area should be free of shading from trees, chimneys or other buildings for most of the day to get the maximum energy generation from your panels. A Tesla Energy Advisor or your local Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer can help assess system sizing and provide a quote on solar and Powerwall.

    I Already Have Solar And Powerwall. What Is Next?

    You can transfer onto the Tesla Energy Plan straight away by switching your retail plan. You need a smart meter in your home; however, Octopus can arrange to have one installed at no charge.

    Do I Have To Own A Powerwall To Sign Up?

    Yes, you must own a Powerwall 2 to sign up. The Tesla Energy Plan combines solar with Powerwall to maximise your savings. If your Powerwall installation is already scheduled, we will manage the tariff transfer process once your system is installed.

    Meet Powerwall, your home battery.

    Techincal Specs

    Seamless backup power. With or without solar.

    Powerwall detects grid outages and automatically becomes your home's main energy source. Protect your home from the next power outage and keep your lights on, phones charged, and no puddles under the fridge.

    Increase Self-Consumption with StorEdge

    Typical 4KW System Before Battery Installation

    system Before Installation chart

    Typical 4KW System After Installation

     System After Installation Chart

    How Much Capacity Do I Need and What Does It Mean?

    With renewables becoming the future of electricity amongst people desperate to cut carbon emissions and save on energy bills battery storage is the perfect solution. Solar energy is a natural renewable power supply that allows you to store the energy your solar PV system produces and use it at times when your solar is unavailable. For instance in the event of a power cut having battery storage means you would still be provided with electricity for hours after and sometimes even days depending on the type of device you purchase, whilst other households wouldn't have this option. Battery storage is also commonly used as a backup for evenings or when the sun isn't as present in the winter times giving homes ultimate flexibility.

    The “capacity” of a battery is the amount of kWh energy that is available to be stored within that device. The capacity load your storage device can hold varies from product to product. Often cheaper solutions will have a lower capacity load than ones that are slightly more expensive such as the tesla Powerwall. Tesla Powerwall 2 has a large capacity load to give customers ultimate flexibility with their energy.However, some households simply do not need a high capacity load for their home and their average energy usage would be more suited to a storage solution with a reduced capacity. For this we recommend the Growatt energy device.

    When it comes to finding out how much capacity you’ll need for your storage device it’s the amount of “usable” capacity a battery has that you're looking for rather than the “total” amount its able to store. The total storage size of a battery will never be fully run down instead your battery will only exhaust its usable capacity to protect it from internal damage. It's important to know this so you don’t get the wrong information about a product because its not got the capacity load you thought it did.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Tesla web

    Is It Worth It For My Home?

    Solar storage batteries are used to utilise the energy your solar produces in the day with the ability to store it and use it later on. At Empower we know how helpful this is for any homeowner looking for a solution to a frustrating problem with the goal to be self-sufficient all day long, without the need to be so reliant on your solar system.

    Can You Power A Home With Battery Storage?

    Powering your home on Battery storage is possible however, it involves multiple considerations to know whether its a smart and viable decision for your household. Some battery's have lower capacity loads than others so if your looking to run your home's electricity on stored solar energy you'll need to consider investing in one with a high capacity that gives you the freedom to do this. We offer two very different but equally intelligent battery storage solutions including the Growatt storage solution and the Tesla Powerwall 2. The Tesla Powerwall 2 has a high capacity of 13kWh over twice as much as their first-generation Powerwall. Before rushing into anything researching the different battery storage devices available on the market to get an idea of price ranges, benefits and possible problems you may encounter with them is important.

    How Many Batteries Are Needed To Power A House?

    This will depend on your households electricity usage per month and the size of your home. Most homes require no more than one battery storage device to power their home, however, if you're looking to store large amounts of energy for backup supply you may need to look into investing into more than 1 battery storage device. Talking to your expert installers will give you a better idea of how much energy you're using if your not sure and the size and amount of storage you'll need to power your home.
    tesla powerwall

    How Long Does A Tesla Powerwall Last?

    Tesla power walls have a 10-year warranty. However, many customers have used their battery storage device for many years after this with no complications. It all depends on regularly your household use it as to whether youll get longer than 10 years out of your device. For instance if your only using your Tesla Powerwall as a backup in case of a power cut or anything similar then your it may still operate perfectly even after your 10-year warranty has finished, whereas if you’re a homeowner that regularly uses your Powerwall then its less likely to last over the 10 year warranty period than a Powerwall used less frequently.

    How Much Will A Tesla Powerwall Cost?

    The price of your Powerwall will be determined by your family's average electricity consumption as well as the size of your solar system. Powerwall’s are one of the more expensive battery options on the market however, there are various benefits the Powerwall provides customers that most other devices on the market wont.

    Can I Go Off-Grid With My Battery?

    The Tesla Powerwall 2, allows you to go off-grid with your electricity due to the large number of capacity it holds, however, you'll still need to work out the amount of electricity your home uses each month to know if going off-grid with your solar battery is viable.

    Growatt Storage

    Growatt  installer


    • Internal DC Switch
    • Lifetime 10 Years
    • Warranty 5 Years . RS232 / Ethernet / Wifi
    • Easy to add into Grid-tie installed PV system

    Growatt Storage Solution

    The Growatt storage makes it easy and accessible to use electricity even when the suns not out. Solar requires sunlight which means its great in the day but at night not so much so having something that stores all the unused energy in the day ready to use at night nothing short of genius.

    Tesla Powerwall 2 installer


    • Multiplus inverter/charge
    • Two AC Outputs
    • Three phase capability
    • Virtually unlimited power thanks to parallel operation
    • Warranty 10 Years

    Tesla Powerwall 2

    The Tesla Powerwall 2 is a game-changer for the world of solar energy. Bringing battery storage to you with the highest specification the Tesla 2 is a completed automated system that requires no maintenance. With twice the energy capacity of the original version means double the ability to keep your home humming with guilt-free electric power.

    Solar Edge 24 Hour Monitoring Portal

    Maximise Your Savings

    Tesla powerwall 2 installation in garage

    Tesla powerwall 2 installation in garage

    More energy

    • DC coupled solution allows high system efficiency
    • PV power is stored directly in the battery
    • No additional conversions from AC to DC and Module-level power
    • Optimisation power harvesting

    Simple Design & Installation

    • Outdoor installation allows for a flexible location
    • Up to 60 meter distance inverter to battery
    • No high voltage & current during installation and maintenance

    Enhanced Safety

    • PV array and battery voltage designed to reduce to safe voltage upon AC shut down
    • Compliance with VDE 2100-712

    Full Visibility

    • Monitor the battery status, PV production, and self-consumption data
    • Smarter energy consumption to reduce electricity bill

    Easy Maintenance

    • Remote access to inverter/battery software
    • Easy access to the inverter during maintenance

    Why Choose Us As Your Installers?

    As installers with over 15 years of experience and knowledge installing battery storage devices for customers all over the country we know exactly what our clients need and how to make sure everything runs smoothly. From beginning to end we give guidance, advice and deliver nothing short of excellence when it comes to the process of your install. We offer 2 different storage options including the Growatt device and the Tesla Powerwall 2, both quality devices that give you the freedom and flexibility to choose how and when you want to use your energy.

    Tesla Powerwall 2 Installs

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