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solaredge smart energy hot water
solaredge smart energy hot water
solaredge smart energy hot water

Why SolarEdge Smart Energy Hot Water?

Every hour, more energy is produced by the Sun than all of us in the world could use in a whole year — clean, limitless, free energy. SolarEdge helps you harvest this energy to power your home. SolarEdge smart energy is designed to utilize the excess energy your solar system generates to heat your water tank giving you hot water throughout your household. An efficient way of using energy storage whilst being cost effective. SolarEdge smart energy wireless controller is purely designed for resistive loads up to 4.8kw only. At a time where cutting costs and reducing your carbon footprint is so crucial upgrading your heating system couldn’t be a better choice for your home.

What Benefits Does SolarEdge Smart Energy Hot Water Give Me?

Looking for a way to make use of your surplus solar energy? You're in the right place. SolarEdge smart energy hot water diverts any excess energy your solar PV system generates into heating your water tank. Not only does using clean solar energy to fuel your everyday home routines provide a whole list of added benefits, but it stops otherwise wasted energy going back to the grid. Having solaredge smart energy hot water installed in your home is a way of getting the most out of your solar system with no added cost.

Why Choose Us As Your Installers?

Looking for installers who you trust to complete your installation efficiently, quickly and accurately can be a difficult task. In an industry like renewables its important every detail from the planning to the installation itself is as precise as possible. At Empower our team of specialists have been completing installations across the country for over a decade and as a team we guide you through the entire process ensuring a smooth and simple installation with support and help wherever you need it.

SolarEdge Monitoring Platform

What Puts SolarEdge Smart Energy Hot Water Above The Rest?

The SolarEdge monitoring app is designed to create an easy and accessible way of monitoring your PV production as well as making it possible to visualize your building consumption and self-consumption at the same time. A PV system generating maximum solar productivity is just as beneficial to you when it comes to your hot water. The more energy your solar system generates the more excess energy that will be available for consumption to heat your water tank. The best thing about the SolarEdge app is, in the event you have any faults with your inverter or your solar system isn't performing how it should, SolarEdge monitoring system will detect them immediately and even send alerts notifying you of any issues. This allows them to be repaired quickly so you can carry on running your home smoothly with no interruptions.

Once installed, the hot water device seamlessly integrates with the SolarEdge monitoring platform letting homeowners conveniently control water heating directly from their smartphone. Along with this it allows you to monitor any other SolarEdge products you might have including your SolarEdge inverter giving you the control to see exactly how your system is performing as well as the amount of energy its producing.

Whilst monitoring your hot water you can use one of several user-friendly modes to manually turn the device on/off, or switch to Timer or Scheduler operation. Excess solar can also be prioritized to the hot water device before other devices, ensuring it benefits most from available solar energy.

  • increases self-consumption by diverting excess solar energy to the hot water boiler
  • Minimizes the electricity needed to heat water, for reduced electricity bills
  • Enables cost-effective thermal energy storage compared to Li-ion batteries
  • Delivers high efficiency of >98%
  • Powers purely resistive loads of up to 5kW
  • Reads water temperature using an optional temperature sensor
  • Connects to SolarEdge residential inverters via wireless communication
  • Integrates easily with the SolarEdge monitoring platform
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