Commercial Solar Panel Maintenance

Commercial Rooftop To Utility Scale Solar Farms

Empower Energy have been installing and servicing commercial solar pv systems for over 18 years. Empower Energy are fully equipped and proficient in caring for roof top commercial Solar systems all the way through to utility scale solar farms. In all cases, we support our Clients once there systems have been commissioned which enables Client confidence, importantly your system is an asset which will generate very healthy returns over many years, maintenance is seen as key factor in retaining your maximum yield over the lifetime of the system and this is why our Clients choose to opt in with our maintenance program.

Commercial Services

Commercial Solar Panel Maintenance To Ensure Maximum Output Efficiency

Commercial Solar Panel Maintenance is needed to ensure maximum output efficiency over their lifetime. Maintaining your solar system will increase your energy production. Our professional teams perform full electrical testing as well as cleaning the panels. With regular visits, we will ensure your system is performing to 100% of its capability and maximizing returns for our Clients.

Should issue arises, we can react quickly to resolving the problem and provide you with continued energy savings. Our expert teams can install replacement parts under warranty and even provide upgraded products with greater benefits to you.


  • 24/7 full system monitoring
  • Incident and performance reports
  • Incident and performance alerts
  • Communication hardware maintenance

Commercial Solar Panel Maintenance Services

  • Module cleaning
  • Reactive and proactive maintenance
  • Ground keeping
  • CCTV
  • Communication devices and equipment
  • Rapid response

Test And Inspect

  • Regular and frequent site inspections
  • Aerial and handheld Thermal imaging
  • Fault Analysis
  • Comprehensive reports


  • Dedicated representative
  • Performance ratio guarantee
  • Availability guarantee
  • Quarterly reports
  • Logistics
  • Warranty/insurance claim management
  • Security & response
  • Health & safety / protocols
  • Asset review and optimisation

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Aerial Thermal Inspection By UAV (Drone)

Is Your Commercial Solar Panel System Performing Correctly?
See The Unseen

Empower Energy offer aerial mapping and complete full land surveys, providing topographic data with high-resolution images and with the latest thermal imaging camera. Thermal inspection by UAV (Drone). This is now becoming a very important process as system becoming older ensuring your system is working at their full potential for our Clients. Latent defects faults within solar modules that develop and remain undiscovered for years, with just the use of traditional testing methods. This results in vast amounts of lost energy and income. When you commission an aerial inspection, large or inaccessible areas of the system are assessed during optimum conditions. This enables faults to be easily highlighted.

Our market leading UAV/Drone service coupled with our certifications in thermal imaging and Solar, means we are expertly placed to ensure that your reports are meaningful and any issues are correctly identified

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