Commercial Solar Maintenance


With over 18 years experience caring for roof top commercial solar systems all the way through to utility scale solar farms, our maintenance scheme works to protect, inspect and safely clean our customer's solar panel systems, providing them with the very best service from beginning to end.

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With Commercial solar being a large, but extremely wise investment for your business, it’s only right it be protected as any other business investment you make would be, and in order to ensure your panels are working to maximum efficiency, this requires keeping them serviced and cleaned on a semi regular basis to keep performance up.

Solar panels fortunately require little maintaining in the winter when bad weather conditions mean the panels often clean themselves without any need to have to pay for engineers to come out and clean them. In the summer more work may be required to keep the panels up to standard and can therefore require the help of our experienced maintenance engineers. Signing up to our maintenance package means you'll pay a fixed rate for the entire year, tailored to the size of your system and individual needs. Included in that is an annual solar panel clean and inspection from our commercial solar professionals to guarantee high panel efficiency.

Our testing & inspection package will allow us to proactively identify when your system is not performing at the required level. With regular visits we will ensure your system is performing to 100% of its capabilities ensuring maximum returns from your investment.When problems arise, we react quickly to resolve them and provide you with continued energy savings. Our expert teams can install replacement parts under warranty and even provide upgraded products with greater benefits to you.

Regular maintenance checks are especially beneficial for businesses with larger solar panel systems because it ensures the panels are operating efficiently with no underlying issues. Important to consider when the bigger the system, the more costly the impact if it’s not corrected immediately, impacting the overall functionality of the panels


  • 24/7 full system monitoring
  • Incident and performance reports
  • Incident and performance alerts
  • Communication hardware maintenance

Solar Panel Maintenance Services

  • Module cleaning
  • Reactive and proactive
  • Ground keeping
  • CCTV
  • Communication devices and equipment
  • Rapid response

Test And Inspect

  • Regular and frequent site inspections
  • Aerial and handheld Thermal imaging
  • Fault Analysis
  • Comprehensive reports


  • Dedicated representative
  • Performance ratio guarantee
  • Availability guarantee
  • Quarterly reports
  • Logistics
  • Warranty/insurance claim management
  • Security & response
  • Health & safety / protocols
  • Asset review and optimisation


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    Solar Panel Maintenance For Your System

    Ensuring your commercial solar system is serviced regularly is crucial to keep everything is functioning properly and your panels are maintained, and performing the best they can.

    Should we find any faults or issues we’ll make sure they’re fixed by our team of experts as quickly as we found them. So, you can rest assure you're in the hands of knowledgeable installers who take your solar PV maintenance seriously.

    Is It Worth The Cost?

    Whilst signing up to maintenance means paying that little bit more, it's well worth the benefits. It ensures system faults and issues, that will cost you a lot more than an annual maintenance fee, are unlikely to occur.

    With our team closely monitoring your system, we guarantee maximum productivity throughout. It's easy to think once your solar is installed it runs itself and you don’t need to give it a second thought for the next 25 years. Whilst this is partly true, the only way you’ll get the best out of your panels is by looking after them properly.

    solar panel maintenance

    Do Solar Panels Often Need Repairs?

    Commercial solar panel systems rarely have any major faults or problems that need fixing apart from the odd inspect and repair you might need over the course of your systems lifespan. Solar panels are designed to resist the toughest weather, which is why if you look after them properly, they last such a long time.

    How Much Will It Cost?

    We cover all our customers when it comes to our solar panel maintenance scheme. Making it an affordable and effective package that works for everyone. With an optional payment method that provides flexibility allowing you to pay monthly your maintenance is priced around the size of your system.

    What We Offer

    At Empower we provide a top-quality solar panel maintenance service where our team of experts will visit you annually and perform electrical testing and inspections on your solar system as well as thoroughly clean your panels. If in the unlikely event there is a system fault or anything that requires repairing our engineers will fix it promptly, this may be charged at an additional cost depending on the fault. As part of our package, we provide free engineer callouts for customers as well as remote monitoring and data logging that allows you to keep an eye on your solar system, how much energy it’s producing and you'll also receive notifications of any system issues that come up.

    Aerial Thermal Inspection By UAV (Drone)

    Is Your Commercial Solar Panel System Performing Correctly?

    See The Unseen

    Empower Energy offer aerial mapping and complete full land surveys, providing topographic data with high-resolution images and with the latest thermal imaging camera. Thermal inspection by UAV (Drone). This is now becoming a very important process as systems becoming older ensuring your system is working at their full potential for our Clients. Latent defects faults within solar modules that develop and remain undiscovered for years, with just the use of traditional testing methods. This results in vast amounts of lost energy and income. When you commission an aerial inspection, large or inaccessible areas of the system are assessed during optimum conditions. This enables faults to be easily highlighted.

    Our market leading UAV/Drone service coupled with our certifications in thermal imaging and Solar, means we are expertly placed to ensure that your reports are meaningful and any issues are correctly identified

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