Solar Panels For Manufacturing Companies

Over 15 Years Experience Fitting Commercial Solar Systems

Manufacturers often consume vast amounts of power and have large roof spaces which could accomodate a solar pv system. With commercial solar photo-voltaic technology evolving and as growth continues wordwide for renewable generation alternatives, solar and other form of renewables will continue to reduce our dependance on fossil fuels. We know by using solar our clients see immediate reductions in energy costs, benefiting from generous ROI & meeting sustainable commitments. Empower Energy off a full turnkey solution from Project management, design, performance calculations, modelling and planning through to installation and commissioning.

Over 3000 Nationwide Solar Installs

Empower offer nationwide solar panels installation for manufacturing companies, with over 30 megawatts and more than 3000 nationwide solar panel installations to date, Empower are one of the leading solar installers in the UK.

We know by using Solar our Clients see immediate reductions in energy costs, benefiting from generous ROI and meeting sustainable commitments. Empower Energy offer the full solution from project management, design, performance calculations, modelling, planning, installation and commissioning.

Why Consider Solar Panels For Your Manufacturing Company?

Despite feed-in tariffs continuing to reduce, a commercial solar installation is still one of the best and most cost effective renewable's available. It has become more important to size a system based on consumption and by doing this maximises ROI.

Generating Your Own Electricity

Businesses invest in solar because they know it makes perfect sense to generate their own electricity. They can also benefit from savings it provides as well as substantially reducing their carbon footprint. Climate change is one of the most talked about topics and becoming more important for business to show they are working towards a more green and sustainable future. Clients are still benefiting from the incentive scheme from the Government.

Solar Panels For Manafacturing Companies

Commercial Solar PV Desktop Survey

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    Is My Building Suitable For Solar PV ?

    There are many contributing factors to a systems’ effectiveness, such as location, angle, shading etc. By far the best way to check is to have one of our experienced commercial solar surveyors visit you personally and prepare a no obligation report and quotation. Not only will this highlight your system options, it will also show the estimated generation that you can expect from your system based on accurate details prior to installation, instead of averages and ‘best case’ figures.

    What Will My Solar PV System Look Like ?

    We’ve installed hundreds of Solar Panels for manufacturing companies of every size and will tailor a tried and tested solution with the minimum impact to your business. Installations can take as little as one day and you’ll notice immediate changes to your bills.

    Commercial Solar Installs

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