LED Lighting For Warehouses & Distribution Centres

Helping Keep Employees Safer On The Warehouse Floor & Improving Productivity.

Lighting can account for up to 80% of a warehouse's energy bill, Conventional batten lighting often fails and is not efficient. Long lasting LED lighting for warehouses from Philips can have an enormous impact on your bottom line, reducing operational costs through reduced downtime and lower energy consumption, keeping your employees safer on the work floor, and improving productivity.

Reduce Costs

  • Lower energy consumption with cost-effective LED lighting and controls.
  • Cut capital expenditure by using light as a service (LaaS) or circular lighting.
  • Plan outages and maintenance to reduce disruption and downtime.

Optimise Operations

  • Increase employee productivity and optimise labour costs by enhancing working conditions.
  • Improve customer loyalty through improved manufacturing performance.
  • Future-proof the work floor with easy re-zoning, without changing the lighting fixtures.

Enhance Health & Safety

  • Comply with national and international safety standards
  • Create a safe work environment by ensuring a well-lit work floor
  • Promote employee well being with high-quality LED lighting.

Improve Sustainability

  • Lower carbon foot print by reducing energy consumption
  • Minimise environmental impact with improved efficiency, fewer mistakes and less waste.
  • Promote employee well being with high-quality LED lighting.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why LEDs Over Standard Lights?

LED’s maximise efficiency and work to operate around your lighting requirements. People often think LED’s are an expensive choice of lighting and therefore usually choose to go for a cheaper type of lighting because they think it will save them money, but, in the long run, this is the complete opposite. The initial price of led lights are more expensive however, you get your moneys worth and they end up being a lot cheaper than standard lights would be. LED lights don’t have to be replaced for up to 10 years whereas normal lights usually need to be replaced within 2 years of getting them otherwise they’ll burn out. This is the major difference between your average lights and led ones.
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Can You Get LED Lights With Dimmable Controls?

Not all LED Lights have the option for dimming controls. If you're looking for LED's with exactly this you'll need to ensure the lights you choose have the capability to dim properly. Getting LED's without this option means you won’t get the same effect you would with specially designed lights that have this built-in function. Trying to dim a bulb that isn’t made for this purpose could not only fail to work but could also result in the bulb being destroyed.
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Are LED Lights The Best Bulbs On The Market?

LED Lights are the best bulbs available on the market. They absorb a great deal less power than other lights do and are considerably more efficient than others on the market too.
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What Are The Advantages Of LED Lights?

Led lights have many advantages to them including their reliability and robust nature. LEDs, unlike any other lights, don’t dim over time whereas standard lights tend to burn out and get less effective over time goes on. LED lights have various advantages to consider when deciding what style of lighting is right for your warehouse. Led lights are incredibly reliable unlike any other, once the installation process is completed there is no need to even think about what will happen if your lights go wrong because LED’s are designed to make sure this doesn’t happen and when the time does come to change your lights you'll of got a justified lifespan about of them.
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How Long Do LED Lights Last?

The most frustrating thing with lighting is when one bulb starts to die out and you suddenly have a domino effect of all the others not working how they should. It becomes an annoyance to keep changing them. Whereas, Led lights can last up to 10 years before they need to be repaired or replaced. This means you don’t have to worry about constant removals and changes to your lighting system.
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Do LED Lights Save Money?

LED’s could save you a significant amount of money each month because they use far less power than standard incandescent bulbs to generate the same wattage. LED’s are therefore a lot cheaper to run and without the need to keep paying for new ones every 2 years like you would any other light you could end up saving yourself more money than you think.
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How Are LED Lights Beneficial For Warehouse Purposes?

LED’s in warehouses are getting more and more popular due to the amount of savings generated simply from switching to LED’s. As well as this maintenance costs are less with LEDs because of their robust design and in a warehouse full of lighting having the ability to not keep paying out for maintenance and repairs could save you a fortune. LED’s make sense for any warehouse looking to cut down costs and grow their business aided by maximum lighting efficiency.

Are LED Lights Environmentally Friendly?

LED lights can be up to 85% more efficient than normal lights. This is because LED lights convert the majority of what they produce into light and only a small percentage of around 6% is maintained as heat. This is a lot healthier for our environment because it means less harmful emissions are being released into the atmosphere, minimising the chances of global warming rises. LED lights generate light focusing in one particular direction meaning their level of brightness is significantly higher than normal lights which focus their lights in multiple different directions and therefore waste more energy than LED’S. LED lights last longer, and the longer the lifespan of the light the less Co2 produced into the environment. Overall LED lights are a lot more beneficial for the planet than incandescent and fluorescent lights are.

LED Coreline HighBay With Dali Dimmable

CoreLine Highbay offers customers all the benefits of LED lighting - fresh light quality, longer service lifetime, reduced energy consumption and maintenance - from a trusted manufacturer. At the same time, it delivers clear benefits for the installer too. The luminaire can be installed on the existing grid. Electrical connection is straightforward: there is no need to open the luminaire for installation or servicing. And being smaller and lighter than conventional luminaires, it is very easy to handle

  • Simple point-to-point replacement for 250 and 400 W HPI high-bay luminaires
  • Significant reduction in maintenance
  • Energy savings up to 69%
  • High efficiency: 125 lumens per watt
  • Consistent color rendering (CRI = 80) in compliance with EN-12464-1
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