Philips CoreLine Highbay

CoreLine High-bay G3 – superior light quality
and lower energy and maintenance costs

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Following the successful introduction of the CoreLine High-bay in 2013, the upgrade to a new generation further improves the total cost of ownership and provides optionally DALI dimming for even further savings. Designed as a replacement for HPI 250/400 W luminaires, CoreLine High-bay G3 offers customers all the benefits of LED lighting – fresh light quality, longer service lifetime, reduced energy consumption and less maintenance – from a trusted manufacturer.

At the same time, it delivers clear benefits for the installer too. The luminaire can be installed on the existing grid. Electrical connection is straightforward: there is no need to open the luminaire for installation or servicing. And being smaller and lighter than conventional luminaires, it is very easy to handle.


  • High efficiency: 125 lumens per watt
  • Consistent color rendering (CRI = 80) in compliance with EN-12464-1
  • Lifetime of 50,000 hours
CoreLine Highbay LED Light


  • Simple point-to-point replacement for 250 and 400 W HPI high-bay luminaires
  • Energy savings up to 69%
  • Significant reduction in maintenance


  • Industry
  • Warehouses
  • Exhibition halls

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Product Wattage (W) Luminous Flux (lm) CCT (K)
BY120P G3 LED105S/840 PSU WB GR
85 10500 4000
BY121P G3 LED205S/840 PSU WB GR
155 20500 4000
BY120P G3 LED105S/840 PSD WB GR
81 10500 4000
BY121P G3 LED205S/840 PSD WB GR
155 20500 4000
BY120P G3 LED105S/840 PSD NB GR
81 10500 4000
BY120P G3 LED105S/840 PSU NB GR
85 10500 4000
BY121P G3 LED205S/840 PSD NB GR
155 20500 4000
BY120P G3 LED105S/865 PSU WB GR
85 10500 4000
BY120P G3 LED105S/840 PIR WB GR
85 10500 4000
BY121P G3 LED205S/840 PIR WB GR
155 20500 4000
BY121P G3 LED205S/865 PSU WB GR
155 20500 6500
BY121P G3 LED205S/865 PIR WB GR
155 20500 6500
BY120P G3 LED105S/865 PIR WB GR
85 10500 6500
CoreLine Highbay LED Light Product Family information

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