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Ideal for applications such as solar street lighting, footpaths, residential areas, and car parks.

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Solar Street Lighting Is Efficient and Cost-effective

Do you know how many solar-powered streetlights save enough energy to power an electric car for a whole year? 100? 1,000? In fact, it’s just 15. Now imagine how much energy you could save with a citywide rollout.

Solar is widely considered to be the most effective form of renewable energy, and the technology is advancing every day. Philips has a range of products that help keep energy bills down and have a positive impact on the environment. And as you can see, the saving potential is extraordinary.

How Can I Identify Solar Lighting?

When identifying solar lighting it is important to consider your goals. Organisations often use solar lighting to be more sustainable. It is important therefore to consider the lifetime of the products used. The luminaire should be L90 @ 100,000 hours to ensure that it doesn’t need to be replaced every few years. The lifetime of the photovoltaic panel should be similar to that of the luminaire. Good quality PV panels have a lifetime of 25 years. The lifetime of the battery is also important. This should be 2000 deep discharges. For UK and Irish climates, it can be beneficial to specify a non-integral solar lighting system so that this can be properly sized for your location.

What Is The Difference Between Integral and Non-integral Solar Lighting Systems?

Solar lighting is made up of four fundamental components. These are photovoltaic panels, a high quality LED luminaire, a battery and a charge controller. In any solar lighting system the quality of these components are vital to ensure sufficient charge of the battery. An Integral solar lighting system has all four components within the luminaire itself. A non-integral solar lighting system has separate components. This can be beneficial in high latitude countries because sunshine can be limited. By using a non-integral solution, an appropriate size panel and battery can be selected to ensure that the solution will work as intended, without being limited to the size of the luminaire.

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    Can My Organisation Reach Net Zero?

    Yes, solar hybrid lighting can help you on your journey to become carbon neutral. By generating more of the energy needed to power your estate through renewable energy sources you can reduce your carbon emissions. Energy production is one of the heaviest polluting industries in the UK. By reducing your organisation’s reliance on the grid you are part of the solution.

    What Is Solar Panel Lighting?

    Solar PV lighting is used in application areas such as streets and car parks with the aim of providing the specified regions with more efficient and longer-lasting lighting. The solar hybrid led system is made up of 3 parts (unlike your normal led light which acts as a standalone piece) the solar powered luminaire goes a step further to include a solar PV Panel, LED Luminaire and battery. All 3 parts work in sync to create an ideal lighting solution and safely deliver unlit areas with smart and environmentally friendly lighting fixtures that help to minimise carbon emissions and enhance visibility.

    How Does It Work?

    What is solar panel lighting and how does it work? Philips have gone above and beyond once again bringing customers the most advanced technology. Solar lighting is no exception to this. This solar powered luminaire works by harnessing solar energy which is generated in the day, converting it into electrical energy and then storing it into the battery. At night the battery is then discharged enabling the electrical energy to be released and power the LED Luminaire. If the battery is not adequately charged or it drains out during the night, solar hybrid input will kick in automatically.

    Limited Time Saving Tax Deduction

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    What Is The New Capital Allowances Offer?

    In Spring Budget 2021, the Uk government have announced two new capital allowance opportunities in order to assist economic growth and encourage business investment. The scheme means that companies who are investing in plant and machinery such as lighting systems may qualify for a limited time tax-saving which will end on the 31st of March 2023. The tax deduction could be significantly beneficial for businesses all over the UK who are eager to invest in led's but arent sure if the benefits add up. Well, now more than ever LED lighting is the perfect addition to your company allowing you to enjoy enhanced lighting with the bonus of saving whilst you are doing it.

    What Are The Benefits My Business Could Recieve?

    Lighting Investments that meet the criteria could be eligible for a 50% first-year allowance. For every £10,000 invested in lighting, a £5000 year- one tax deduction could be available compared to the normal £600 deduction that would be offered to you under normal circumstances.

    Hybrid Solar Vs Off Grid Solar

    Hybrid Solar

    For existing grid connected light points

    This system is like the o­-grid solar system but is connected to a power grid. The solar panels charge the batteries during the day and the stored energy powers the LEDs at night. If the batteries run out of power, the LEDs are powered with energy drawn from the power grid

    Off Grid Solar

    Saving cabling and distribution switchgear cost

    This system consists of luminaries, solar panels and batteries designed to operate autonomously without any connection with an electrical grid. The solar panels charge the batteries during the day and the stored energy powers the LEDs at night. (Not recommended for us in the Uk)

    Solar Panel Lighting Product Highlights

    Luma Gen2 Solar - Leading Luminaires For Outdoors

    Powered by solar energy lumagen 2 solar is a robust luminaire that delivers top quality lighting and outstanding performance for all application areas. Its compatible with a large variety of the solar sub systems available from Philips and provides best in class efficiency and light performance for a variety of applications.

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    LumiStreet Gen2 Solar - Made To Make a Difference

    Designed to combat large scale projects lumistreet gen2 solar is the perfect solution for outdoor applications with the goal of achieving energy savings and a more sustainable future. Made with quality materials to reduce the hassle of maintenance and obtain a long lifetime, this high efficiency LED luminaire is compatible with a variety of Philips solar pv sub systems including battery, pv panels and charge controller.

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    Solar Panel Sub System - Designed By The Best To Be The Best

    Solar panel sub system has been made with the most robust quality for maximum lifetime and reliability. Our family product range has a variety of solar panels starting from 20W to 325 W with plug and play design for the purpose of easy installation and connection. Philips goes above and beyond to bring you an efficient and effective lighting solution powered by solar energy

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    Solar Sub-System Batteries

    XGS321 12V/250AH IP68 Gel Bat sys 3yrs

    A range of 65 Ah to 250 Ah 12/24 V, valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery with gel electrolyte technology to get long service lifetime and high performance in deep discharging. It can be used in a wide range of ambient temperatures and keeps good performance with constant power input

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    Solar Battery Sub Systems - LifePo4

    Lithium ferro phosphate battery integrates highly efficient technology to get long service lifetime, high performance in deep discharging. Inbuilt battery management system for protection and safe operations. It can be used in wide range of ambient temperature delivering constant power output.

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