LumiStreet gen2

Upgrade your lighting to LumiStreet gen2,
the ideal lighting solution for any road or street

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Increasing numbers of municipalities are having to upgrade large-scale conventional street lighting installations with energy-efficient LED technology. But they are having to do this with smaller and smaller budgets. That’s why the new generation of LumiStreet has been upgraded and designed to provide a solution to this challenge, it is the ideal solution for performing point-to-point replacement of conventional lighting. LumiStreet gen2 achieves this by offering high-efficiency, low total cost of ownership and ease of installation and maintenance.

The ease of installation and maintenance is enabled by the Philips Service tag. Moreover, the Philips SR (System Ready) socket makes it future-ready and you can pair this luminaire with lighting control and software applications such as Interact City.


  • Compatible with a wide range of PHILIPS Solar sub-systems which include battery, PV panel and charge controller
  • 1 to 1 replacement for conventional luminaires
  • High energy-efficiency
  • Low TCO (total cost of ownership)
  • Made of high-quality materials for a longer lifetime and minimised maintenance


  • Good application coverage thanks to wide range of optics, tunable flux and tillable spigot
  • Easy luminaire identification due to the Philips Service tag
  • Future-ready thanks to the SR (System Ready) socket
  • High system efficiency with good application coverage
  • The luminaire is also equipped with dedicated light recipes that help with: 1) maintaining an optimal ecosystems for bats or 2) preserving a dark night sky and reduce light pollution

Product Family Details

LumiStreet gen2 Products

Product Wattage Lamp
Luminous Flux
BGP292 LED99-4S/740 I DX10 7024 D9 48/60
62 8300 4000
BGP292 LED99-4S/740 I DX10 7024 D9 48/60
45.5 6460 4000
BGP292 LED75-4S/740 I DX10 7024 D9 48/60
30.5 4165 4000
BGP292 LED75-4S/740 I DX10 7024 D9 76S
45.5 6460 4000
BGP292 LED75-4S/740 I DX10 7024 D9 76S
62 8300 4000

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