Solar Battery Sub-systems - LiFepo4

Advanced Technology for High Performance

Lithium ferro phosphate battery integrates highly efficient technology to get long service lifetime, high performance in deep discharging. Inbuilt battery management system for protection and safe operations. It can be used in wide range of ambient temperature delivering constant power output.

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Techincal Specifications

Specifications ZJS601
Battery Chemistry Lithium ferro phosphate
Capacity 50Ah to 160Ah
Housing IP68
Mounting Range of installation options available. Pole mounting kit available as an accessory.
Battery Voltage 12.8V and 25.6V
Connections 3 m cable with IP67 MC4 and KB1 connectors
Charging temp 0oC to 60oC
Discharging temp -20oC to 60oC
Life Cycle 2000 cycles at 90% DoD

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