Anglo Krempel LED Lighting Upgrade
January 29, 2018
10kw Solar PV System Install
February 26, 2018

With the cost of solar panels dropping, solar panels are now an affordable way to reduce your demand on the electric grid by producing your own electricity.

What Size Of System Will Fit On My Building

Most commercial solar panels are 270 watts and measure approximately 1 meter by 1.6 metres. Ideally you want to fit as many panels on your roof as possible to maximise the amount of electricity produced. As an example if you had a 500 sq meter roof you could fit approx 312 panels.

Shading & Orientation

Any shading such as trees or a chimney will reduce your production. For maximum production, panels would need to be positioned on a South-East to South-West facing roof. The further the panels are from this orientation the less efficient they will be at producing.

More Information ?

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