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Save On Energy Bills With Commercial Solar

Besides the other benefits solar provides, the financial aspect of solar is, what makes it such a smart investment for businesses. Company's, use a significant amount of electricity each month at an overpriced rate, having solar installed gives you ultimate flexibility with your energy. You’ll pay a fixed electricity cost at a much lower rate whilst having the freedom to monitor and control your monthly spending's through the app so, not only will you save money but you’ll be able to adjust your energy requirements to align with your businesses needs.

Why Empower?

With over 15 years of knowledge and experience in the solar industry, we’ve installed over 50MW of solar to date for different builds in varied conditions. Choosing us as for your commercial solar panel installation guarantees a perfect install from planning right through to commissioning with expert advice and guidance the entire way through.

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    Combining Quality With Flexibility

    Intelligent Energy Brought Straight To You

    Providing you with a range of the best solar panels on the market including Peimar, JA Solar , Canadian Solar, LG we have the ability to adapt every single design to make each installation specific to you in order to accommodate your businesses needs.

    • Versatile
    • Maximum Production
    • 20 Years product warranty
    • Highly innovative
    • Long term reliability

    • Good Prices
    • High energy generation
    • 25 Year Performance warranty
    • 10 Year product warranty

    Control Wherever You Go

    Powering Your Business The Right Way

    SolarEdge provides intelligent inverters that assist solar systems in the process of turning your businesses power from DC into AC for electricity to be generated for commercial use. SolarEdge has produced an app that gives you the freedom to keep close tabs on your solar system wherever you are. Showing you a range of different elements including; enhanced PV performance monitoring and yield assurance showing instant detection when there are any faults and even providing you with module, string and system-level alerts.

    We confidently advise customers to get a SolarEdge inverter because we know their inverters are unlike any other on the market. SolarEdge inverters work to optimize power efficiency to guarantee your commercial solar PV system is working to the highest standard and unlike most, if one panel on your system is shaded and not performing properly SolarEdge optimisers work to ensure this doesn’t affect the other panels.

    Protecting Your Business With Commercial Solar

    Energy prices are estimated to increase significantly in upcoming years, rather than relying on the grid for overpriced electricity protect your business now by having solar installed on your building and reduce your monthly energy bills as a result. Solar PV is something every company should consider whether you’re a well-established business or a small company just starting out solar puts you in the driver's seat allowing you to be in complete control of your electricity and provide your business with the protection it needs.

    Commercial Solar Panel Installation Costs

    The cost of a commercial solar panel installation can vary significantly from each project. This is because the sizing of each system can range from as little as 6kwp to as large as 500kwp so until we have the required details to calculate your project it's difficult to estimate the cost of your install.

    A building with a large kwp (kilowatt peak) solar system is going to generate considerably more electricity than a smaller kwp system. This is what makes such a difference in price. Whether it’s a smaller system you require or a large kwp system, solar is ideal for either because it works to accommodate your needs and ensure your system is the right size for what your company requires.

    Commercial Solar Panel Installation Process

    How does it work? Once you’ve contacted our team with the details required, we’ll provide you with a solar system quote specific to your project. Once all the design and planning for your project is completed our team of engineers will visit your building and start the official installation of your solar system. Smaller systems are usually completed in a day however, commercial solar panel installations can take several days depending on the size system you require.

    commercial solar panel installation

    Will My Solar System Need Maintenance?

    Fortunately, once you get past the initial installation process, there’s very little else you need to think about. Solar panel systems don’t require a great deal of maintenance, and in the winter, you don’t have to worry so much about them being cleaned because the natural weather conditions mean they usually get a good wash on their own.

    However, we know our customers deserve the very best, and in the unlikely instance your system is underperforming, or a repair is needed, you want to know you can count on us to fix any problems as quickly as possible. That’s why we offer an excellent customer maintenance package which covers you for an entire year. This means that any system faults will be taken care of and you won’t have to pay additional charges for call outs, as part of our maintenance scheme you'll pay a fixed call out rate for the year with the bonus that if you join our maintenance package our team of specialists will annually come out to clean and test your solar panels to make sure your system meets the high standards we enforce at Empower and put your mind at ease.

    Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

    Solar isn’t just good for you, and your business it's good for your environment too. Instead of generating electricity that releases harmful gas emissions into our atmosphere regularly, you can make the switch to solar, meaning you'll significantly reduce the CO2 emissions you release and help fight the constant battle we face over saving our planet from global warming.

    It might not sound like much but here at Empower, we're all about being green and helping as much as we can to achieve a healthy and clean atmosphere. Just by generating renewable energy you're doing your bit to help the environment too.

    Improving Your Customer Reputation

    Besides feeling good about what your doing, this reflects on your reputation as a company. By adding solar to your building you're making a bold statement to customers that you not only support saving the planet from harmful emissions but you’re doing what you can to make a difference. Not only does this send a good message to your customers, but it could potentially attract new customers looking to invest in a company that they trust.

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    Why Its Important You Choose An MCS accredited installer

    Whilst deciding whether to have commercial solar panel installation on your building or property you need to ensure your installers are MCS accredited or equivalent. Installing with MCS accredited installers protects you from potential low-quality installations that installers without accreditation certification could make. At Empower we have over 15 years’ experience in the electrical engineering sector, and our team of engineers are all MCS Accredited so, our customers can enjoy their investment knowing their installer company will be around for the entire life duration of their solar installation.

    There’s nothing worse than installing with a company that goes out of business 3 years later, at Empower we regularly get contacted regarding a customer’s previous solar panel installer going out of business, followed by a fault with their solar system and they don’t know who to turn to. That’s why its important you install with a company you can rely on and trust to be there when you need them.

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