Solar Install At 8 Newmans Court
January 9, 2018
Tesla Powerwall 2 & SolarEdge PV System Install January Offer
January 18, 2018
The fixing system used to hold solar pv panels on your roof must be strong enough to support the weight of the panels in all weather conditions. The most common way of placing solar panels onto a roof is by using a mounting system consisting of rails and hooks. This method can be used on traditional tile, slate or metal roof.
The roof integrity is left intact and the panels are spaced a few mm above the roof material to allow adequate ventilation.

Retrofitted Roof Panels

If you have an existing solar PV system you can can have a system retrofitted onto the existing mounting.

Roof Anchors

The type of roof anchor needed will depend on the existing roof tiles and height and spacing of the roof battens.
On roofs with thick or ridge tiles, the roof anchors are usually fixed to the rafters by fixing and lifting the existing tiles.

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