LED Lighting For Your Commercial Project

LED Lighting Design & Installation

LED lighting is now one of the most popular forms of energy efficiency to consider. Organisations are finding that upgrading to LED lighting has benefits for their staff’s wellbeing, and the general aesthetics and feel of the workplace can improve productivity. Coupled with the huge reduction in running costs, long term carbon reduction and a very small maintenance requirement, LED really is a winner all-round!! Empower Energy’s attention to detail with design, and commitment to quality both with products and installation, has brought us an enviable reputation. Our partnership with Philips has brought together the latest intelligent lighting solutions on the market today, with the know-how and back-up that Empower is synonymous with.

Why The Right Technology For Your Project?

Light Emitting Diodes have come a long way over the last few years… The poor colour rendering and ghostly whites are a thing of the past and their efficiency is constantly improving. Not all LED’s are the same and there are many manufacturers worldwide on the internet claiming “they have the best and they will last for ever”. We only use quality lights from the best known brands and with the highest luminous efficacy. Coupled with our unrivalled customer service ensures customer satisfaction from conception right through to delivery.

Choosing The Right Lighting For Your Project

  • Understanding what LED fitting you require when upgrading existing lights is important. Is the light level sufficient at the moment? Is the colour temperature (whiteness compared to daylight) correct? It is not just about the power as the more efficient light sources will have a higher lumen per watt output, so the wattage is not a level of brightness. Instead, light output is measured in lumens, the higher the lumens the brighter your light will be. It is usually worth having a lighting design undertaken and a free consultation with one of our experts.
  • Although LEDs, are still more expensive than the traditional lights try not to be put off by the upfront cost. Respected manufacturers will warrant their lights for 5 years or 50,000 hours, and the expected lifespan of these fittings is far beyond this. Up to 75% electricity savings can be achieved, meaning that there is a strong financial case for upgrading to LED. Commercial installations can factor in the cost of reduced maintenance requirements and the cost of replacement lamps.
  • Return on Investment:,Your investment can be paid back in less than two years in some cases. With a fully fitted solution from Empower, you can realise the true ROI and not just the cost of the light fittings themselves. The more hours per year the lights are used, the quicker the payback.
  • Financing Your Project:, Empower are Carbon Trust accredited suppliers with grants available for LED projects within the commercial sectors, and finance through our gold partnership with Siemens financial services. Philips capital solutions are also available. Capital expenditure, dependant on size of the project can be a deciding factor for organisations considering projects such as these. Leasing or financing options work on financing the project costs and the electricity savings covering the loan repayments.

Green Warehouse Lighting

Your Warehouse Your Way

In the past, conventional lighting technology and lack of lighting controls meant that lighting had to be permanently on for safety. In 24/7 operations such as warehouses, this was costly to run and not sustainable. Now, GreenWarehouse puts an end to those days – by delivering lighting ‘on-demand’. GreenWarehouse is a future-proof and flexible lighting system designed for a facility of any size and is suitable for both open spaces and racking.

It’s a perfect solution for new build or retrofit projects – simply replace existing light fixtures point for point, and add wireless controls. Easy to implement and install, it means you can have your warehouse, your way.

Case Studies

Philips Green Parking System

Car Park Lighting

Create a safe and secure environment in your parking garage with sustainable, energy efficient LED lighting systems from Philips. Because they deliver the right amount of light when and where it's needed, our lighting systems save energy while keeping people safe. Uniform illumination reduces shadows and eliminates dark corners, so pedestrians feel safer and drivers enjoy good visibility.

In addition to providing high-quality light, LEDs offer long useful life, which means you’ll have to change lamps less often, reducing maintenance costs. Philips works with you to create tailored systems that meet the specific requirements of your unique parking structures.

Saving Your Energy While Keeping Your Visitors Safe

Very often, lighting needs to remain on 24/7, leading to a high use of energy and increased costs. As a result, there are two challenges for the owners and managers of parking facilities: creating a warm and reassuring environment, while also saving on costs and maintenance.

With the innovative GreenParking system, there’s no need to compromise on safety in order to achieve savings. In fact, running costs can be reduced by up to 80% with the use of energy-efficient LED technology.

What’s more, with long-life LEDs, maintenance is cut to a minimum too – another way of saving on cost as well as reducing inconvenience.

GreenParking is a wireless lighting system that works perfectly as a retrofit solution, complies with regulations and delivers outstanding energy savings.

Philips Pacific Carpark

JCC Toughbay

Philips PowerBalance

JCC Toughbay

JCC Radial LED

3D Modelling Software

How We Calculate Your New Lighting Project.

With the rising cost of energy and ever increasing demand for high efficiency lighting, the LED market is rapidly expanding. LEDs promise high efficiency, but the cost is still higher than traditional lighting. So how can Empower Energy design team get more light out of an LED design to reduce the lights required ? Let’s take a look at how we design your new LED lighting: The Dialux software design tool draws from an extensive library of LEDs, drivers and heat sinks to design your complete lighting system. Dialux software enables our in-house design team to perform real-time comparisons using 3D graphical visualisation.

We start the design by understanding your existing lighting and existing LUX levels and from this point we then need an understanding of what your requirements are within the areas we are designing. Usually this will have been ascertained from our site assessment and consultation.

So, for example if we design a manufacturing area, the required LUX could be between 700 and 1000 depending on Clients requirements. We start with our on-site technical survey to calculate the size of the area and height of the existing lighting and measure the lighting levels to understand the existing LUX levels. Our designers input the measurements and build the area. Once we have the full design built into the software, we then select the desired light output in lumens and the right luminaire and populate our 3D modelling software.

British American Tobacco Case Study

Empower Energy were commissioned by British & American Tobacco to undertake a full re-modelling of their restaurant lighting system at their head office. British & American Tobacco were very keen to be able to control the ambient lighting within the restaurant and benefit from daylight harvesting. By installing DALI dimmable LED lighting, they achieved ultimate control dependant on daylight and occupancy and saving over 40% on the previous energy requirements.

Luctra Perfect Daylight Lighting


LUCTRA® is the first biologically effective LED lamp system for the workplace which makes this knowledge available for use by everyone. All human beings have their own personal biorhythms. The more closely our daily routine follows this rhythm, the better we feel and the better we perform. Daylight is the signal generator which synchronises our inner rhythm with the natural course of the day.

The biological effect of the light from LUCTRA® LED office lamps has been proven in a clinical study led by PD Dr. Dieter Kunz. LUCTRA® is the first workplace lamp for which such systematic evidence has been established. In addition to designer table lamps, the LUCTRA® range includes various models of designer floor lamps.

Lighting Concept

Good light is important for people's health and well-being. Especially in the workplace, high-quality lighting contributes to the increased productivity of employees. LUCTRA® goes a step further and redefines quality light for the workplace with its proven biologically effective lighting. LUCTRA® lighting almost entirely reproduces the colour spectrum of sunlight, so as a daylight lamp it has a stabilizing effect on your daily biological rhythm. Discover the advantages of an intelligent light that is based on people's individual needs.

Latest LED Technology

High levels of illumination, very uniform light distribution and a broad colour spectrum - discover the advantages LUCTRA® offers thanks to modern LED technology.

Intuitive Operation Thanks to Vitacore

Create your individual lighting profile so your LUCTRA® lamp can independently support the natural course of your day by varying the colour of the light it provides.

Linear Table Pro Base

Linear Table Pro

Radial Table Pro Base

Floor Office Lamps

Intelligent Street Lighting

Uridium is a family of road-lighting luminaires designed for two main applications – residential areas, minor roads, major roads and motorways. Its modularity allows the integration of optical or electronic components in order to adapt to the changing demands of road lighting, e.g. the growing demand for white light and controls. Iridium ensures low cost of ownership thanks to its superior optics, dimming and Telemanagement capability, and ease of installation and maintenance.

The Iridium luminaire family includes MASTERColour CDM Elite MW, CosmoPolis and LED-enabled versions. It comes in four different sizes – for mounting heights from 3.5 to 12 meters – and is suitable for side-entry and post-top mounting. A full range of brackets ensures visual consistency between the column and the gently rounded luminaire, making Iridium a total solution.Each Iridium luminaire is fully recyclable; only the light source and driver have to be recycled separately.


  • Family includes MASTERColour CDM Elite MW, CosmoPolis and LED-enabled versions
  • Superior optics
  • Dimming and Telemanagement capability
  • Three different sizes, suitable for side-entry and post-top mounting; also full range of brackets
  • Fully recyclable. Only light source and driver have to be recycled separately

OccuSwitch Smart Sensors

A Range Of Movement Detectors With Built In Daylight Harvesting

OccuSwitch DALI is a combined sensor and controller and will dim and switch the lights in a room or area upon occupancy and according to the available daylight, with options for local override, parallel operation and network links to Building Management Systems (BMS).


  • Energy savings of up to 55% and good pay-back
  • Works with almost all lamp- and luminaire types
  • Easy to install, enables even faster installation by optional Wieland connectors.


  • OccuSwitch has a smart timer that will extend the delay time by 10 minutes if movement is detected shortly after switch-off, assuming that the area is still in use but there is very little movement
  • The OccuSwitch has a retractable shield that can be used to shield off areas, e.g. corridors, adjacent to the area the OccuSwitch is controlling


  • The OccuSwitch is designed for use in offices, schools and similar applications, including toilets, storage rooms, etc
  • It is optimised for recessed ceiling mounting and for mounting heights between 2.5 and 4 metres
  • The surface box also enables surface mounting, with either recessed wiring or surface-mounted ducts

LRM1015/00 OS Mov Det Wide Area CS

Ceiling mountable, 2000 W, 360° movement detector

STEINEL Professional IR Quattro

The extremely high-definition Presence Control PRO IR Quattro HD KNX infrared presence detector with the unique square detection zone and KNX interface.

LRM1032/00 OS Mov Det Switch 3w WR DIN

Wall mountable, movement detector switch capable of switching 2000 W

LRM1011/10 OS Mov Det incl P-Pack CS

Ceiling mountable, very small outline, 1000 W, 360° movement detector, including powerpack

LRM1040/00 OS Mov Det IP54 240 dgr

Wall, ceiling or corner mountable, 2000VA, 240 movement detector - White

LRM1020/00 OS MOV DET Corridor

Ceiling or wall mountable, 1000 W, 360° (180° for wall) movement detector

LRM1010/00 OS MOV DET Small

A small occupancy sensor (70mm diameter, 60mm hole) that can switch up to 600VA of fluorescent lighting and a detection range of 20 till 25m. Typical applications are cell and open plan offices.


Ceiling mountable, 1380 VA, 360° movement detector - Advanced

Frequently asked questions

What is an LED?
LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode. These are electronic components that convert electrical energy directly to light through the movement of electrons within the material of the diode. LEDs are important because due to their efficiency, low energy, and less residual heat, they are beginning to replace most conventional light sources.
How long do LED’s last?
Typically, an LED will last 4 times longer than a CFL and 25 times longer than an incandescent light source that puts out the same amount of light. Most LED’s have a ‘lifespan’ of 50,000 hours which equates to 5.7 years at 24 hours a day or 7.8 years if the lights are on for 18 hours a day.
Can LED’s be dimmed?
Yes, they can but you do need to install an LED with this capability.
Lumens and Lux, what’s the difference?
Lumens (LM) are a measurement of emitted light. Lux is used to measure the amount of light in a given area – One lux is equal to one lumen per square metre. We would commonly use a LUX meter to record light levels before designing a new LED system.
Why are LEDs Considered more efficient than conventional light sources?
When comparing the lumen output between LEDs and conventional light sources, LEDs may have lower lumen value in many cases. However, LEDs are directional light sources. All the lumens emitted from an LED are directed towards the task area. Conversely, conventional sources emit light in all directions. The light is then modulated in a given direction with optical systems like reflectors and lenses. The amount of lumens that falls in the intended task area from an LED light source is greater than that of a conventional light source.
Is lifespan reduced if the LED’s are frequently turned on and off?
Unlike discharge lamps, LEDs are semiconductors and their life span is not affected by the number of times they are turned on and off. Also, LEDs do not need to ‘warm up’. They achieve maximum output instantaneously.
What makes of LED do we recommend?
We pride ourselves on the quality of all the products we supply and we are Value Added Partners of Philips lighting. They have a huge and ever expanding range of products and an exceptional reputation. We also install products from JCC who are also a very well established company with an enviable research and development department.
What savings can upgrading to LED produce?
We often see instantaneous savings of up to 70% on the electricity loading of your light system. You will also see savings on maintenance costs as you will not have to replace broken lights so often. The payback on an LED upgrade can be as little as 1 year but does depend on what is being replaced and whether we are upgrading the light fittings as well as the lamps.
What is the quality of LED light compared to traditional lights?
LED light can produce a better quality of light, more akin to natural daylight in production and manufacturing and a comfortable colour temperature in office environments to aid concentration.

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