Domestic Solar installers For Households of All Sizes

A solar panel installation is the logical choice to reduce your energy bills and still enjoy a great investment. Not only is generating your own energy good for the environment, it is also good for your pocket! With ever-rising fuel bills, energy efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint have never been more rewarding. See our domestic case studies and see why reduced system costs are making solar power more attractive than ever. If this is not reason enough, concerns over the future of our energy supplies, escalating bills and an uncertain future make this an insurance policy that you can’t afford to be without.

The logical choice is to reduce your energy bills and still enjoy a great investment. Not only is generating your energy through domestic solar good for the environment, but it is also good for your pocket! With ever-rising fuel bills, energy efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint have never been more rewarding. In addition, see our domestic case studies reduced system costs are making solar power more attractive than ever. If this is not reason enough, concerns over the future of our energy supplies, escalating bills, and an uncertain future make domestic solar an insurance policy that you can’t afford to be without.

Why Choose Empower?

  • We provide in-depth surveys and advanced software to ensure your system works to 100% potential BEFORE we install
  • We are a highly skilled, fully accredited, and knowledgeable workforce, experts in our field
  • We employ up-to-date and extensive Health and Safety policies
  • We only use the best components to make sure your system has the longest life with minimum maintenance required
  • We will only sell you a system that delivers its full potential
  • We are fully insured against all liabilities during installations
  • We offer after-sales and optional support packages for you

Passionate About What We Do

From first contact, we use our years of knowledge and expertise to guide you through the whole process of ensuring your investment into renewable energy is fully utilized and you are clear on all your options and what will work best for you.

Whether looking to install Solar PV, electric vehicle charging points, or battery storage, we ensure our team is kept up to date with all the latest technologies to fully advise you on how you can get the best out of your money and your home.

We have spent years researching not only the best products on the market but at some of the most competitive prices, ensuring the very best quality of workmanship.

At the very start, we advise our clients on the feasibility of their requests and carry out cost analysis across each of our products and services.

We will carry out a full survey to determine the best outcome for you, based on your needs and requirements, and create a bespoke design of what that will look like until we reach the perfect outcome for you.


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    Is My Property Suitable For A Domestic Solar Installation?

    There are many contributing factors to a solar system’s effectiveness, such as location, angle, shading, etc. By far the best way to check is to have one of our experienced surveyors visit you personally and prepare a no-obligation report and quotation. Not only will this highlight your system options, but it will also show the estimated generation that you can expect from your domestic solar system based on accurate details before installation – instead of averages and ‘best case’ figures.

    What Will My Domestic Solar System Look Like?

    Your New Green, Efficient, Profitable System.

    We’ve installed hundreds of systems of every size and will tailor a tried and tested solution with the minimum impact on your property – and you.
    Installations can take as little as one day and you’ll notice immediate changes to your bills.

    Solar Panel System Monitoring

    Choosing to have solar panels installed on your home is a big decision to make so knowing you've got a monitoring system that constantly follows the progress of your panels as well as showing you several other useful things, such as how much energy your system is generating, when it's generating that energy and if there are any problems or faults can make a difference. The monitoring system allows you to feel at ease knowing not only are we keeping a close eye on your system but now you can too.

    Solar Edge Inverters

    An inverter is an essential part of what makes a solar system because it converts the DC electricity that solar panels generate into AC electricity with the purpose that the electricity generated can then be applied for everyday home uses such as watching TV, hoovering. A significant number of people keep their inverters indoors if this is a consideration for you we advise keeping it in a cool area such as your garage where the temperature accommodates it perfectly allowing your inverter to function to the best of its ability.

    Is My Home Right For A Solar System Installation?

    We install solar to different size homes across the UK however, when installing solar you must bear in mind that solar is natural energy produced by the sun, therefore if your home is located in a particularly shady area then your system is going to generate considerably less than a system located somewhere where it has better access to the sun.

    Another thing to consider before starting your solar installation process is what type of facing roof you've got. South-facing roofs are ideal for solar because they tend to produce the most power, but solar can also work well with south-east and west-facing roofs. Making solar accessible to the majority of homes.

    How long does a typical solar installation take?

    Most Domestic solar systems can be installed within 1-2 days but a lot of our domestic installations don't usually take more than 1 day to complete.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Which Solar Panels Are Best For Home Use?

    There are a variety of different solar panels that can be used for domestic purposes, some are slightly more affordable, and others can be a lot more expensive. However, sometimes going for the cheaper option means you'll pay the price for that and could end up with solar panels that aren’t as effective as solar panels that you'd pay a little more for but do the job. There are lots of panels with competitive prices that are among some of the most efficient panels on the market. Some of the best available include Panasonic solar panels which tend to be slightly cheaper than some of the other panels you can get, Canadian solar, At Empower we supply Canadian solar panels, these are robust, good quality solar panels that have a 25-year warranty and produce maximum efficiency. Other reliable panels include SunPower, quality solar panels used by customers all over the country.
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    How Many Solar Panels Are Needed To Power A House?

    How Many Solar Panels Are Needed To Power A House? The average household uses a 4Kwh system made up of 16 panels. However, the number of solar panels needed to power a house will differ from each home. This is because every family will use a slightly different amount of electricity so you really can’t give an exact number to how many solar panels are needed specifically for your home. You can, however, work out how much you spend a month on average on electricity bills and from that estimate the number of panels you may need to be able to power your home.
    Domestic solar panels

    How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

    Photovoltaic solar panels often have a warranty of 20-25 years and even after that numerous customers have had no problem using their solar panels for years after that with their panels still being efficient. On average solar panels degrade over 25 years with a deficiency of around 0.5%-1% per year so even after the first 20 years of your panels being installed your panels will still optimise at over 80% efficiency. Over time solar panels become slightly less effective however, this doesn’t necessarily mean that once your panel warranty is up your panels will no longer work or perform to a high standard just that you’re guaranteed panel period is no longer valid.
    Solar panel maintenance clean in Portland

    Can A House Run On Solar Power Alone?

    Running your house solely on solar power can be done yes, however this isn’t a decision you should make lightly, there is a great deal of planning and financial considerations that need to be thought of first. Running an entire household on solar means you need to have a storage solution for when the sun cannot provide solar energy. Therefore, becomes a discussion of whether you are prepared to pay the extra money to invest in a battery storage device such as the Tesla Powerwall 2. This would give you the ability to rely completely on solar energy and power your house through this. While generating solar energy to your house in the daytime, excess energy is being stored in your battery storage for you to use at night-time when solar isn’t available. Powerwall’s have brought solar to a new level, but they don’t store never-ending energy, of course, so you'll need to figure out how much energy your household is consuming and from there work out if powering your home completely through solar is viable.
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    Does Solar Power Work At Night?

    Solar energy is generated in the daytime when the solar array can absorb the sunlight, at night-time solar itself doesn’t generate energy but will still work if solar solutions such as battery storage devices are in place enabling your house to continue to use solar energy at night.

    Do I Need To Clean My Solar Panels?

    Solar panels need little maintaining and usually clean themselves in the wintertime due to poor weather conditions. However, in the summer the weather may mean that the panels need to be cleaned and inspected because they are unlikely to clean themselves and a build-up of dirt and any bird droppings could start to affect the functionality of the panels. We recommend getting your panels maintained at least once a year to keep everything up to date and ensure your system is working how it should be.
    Domestic solar installation

    Will I Save Money On My Electricity Bills With Solar?

    Installing solar panels into your home could save you a fortune on electricity bills every month. Homeowners are often fed up of paying unreasonably priced electricity rates that consistently leave them out of pocket. Solar gives you the freedom to be self-sufficient and independent with your electricity as well as keep track of how much electricity your generating and where that electricity is going. You could save just from choosing to upgrade to solar.

    How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

    Your solar system can vary in cost depending on the size of the system you require. Other factors that determine the cost of your system are the type of panels you decide to get, at Empower we offer a range of different solar panels including top of the market panels such as Canadian Solar. Depending on the type of panels you have and the amount of electricity your household consumes could make the price of your solar installation go up or down.

    In-roof Solar Systems Or On Roof Solar Systems?

    Pros Of On-roof Solar Panel Systems

    • An ideal option for properties with a financial budget
    • Up to 10% more efficient than integrated tiles
    • Practical for homes looking to have solar and keep existing roof tiles.

    domestic solar installers

    What Is The Difference With In-roof Solar Panels?

    In roof solar systems and on roof solar panel systems function in a similar sort of way just with slight differences. In roof systems just like on roof operate by turning natural energy into electricity you can then use on a day to day basis. The difference is in roof systems have no roof tiles underneath them and instead the solar panels act as a substitute roof for the house just with solar integrated in the roof instead of normal tiles.

    In terms of the visual aspect, in-roof systems generally look a lot more appealing and fit in better with the house. However, in-roof systems can be up to 10% less efficient than conventional solar panels as the panels operate at a slightly higher temperature.

    Pros Of Integrated Solar-Tiles

    • Aesthetically appealing
    • 2-in 1 roofing and electricity generator
    • Properties that are looking to have panels installed in their roof
    domestic solar installers

    Which Installation Is Appropriate For My Property?

    Solar, both in-roof and on-roof installations achieve the same outcome – natural, renewable energy at an affordable price. A large number of our customers decide on having on-roof solar panels rather than integrated solar panel tiles, as the process tends to be straightforward in comparison. Because in-roof panels act as a substitute for roofing with the bonus of generating electricity for you at the same time, the panels have to be carefully designed and installed to ensure every detail is specific to your individual project.

    Our Expert Domestic Solar Installers

    Domestic Solar Installations

    Empower Energy Ltd can take care of every part of the solar PV panel installation for you right from the initial survey to helping with the forms to your electricity supplier.

    The whole process is very straightforward, causes minimal disruption, and is often completed right through from scaffold erection to being signed off in less than a week.

    We can organise the scaffolding, our specialised roofers, fit the supports and our team of highly experienced fitters and electricians fit the panels and do the internal electrical work.

    You can rest assured of a courteous, prompt and professional service. We are also fully insured so you can feel safe in the knowledge that in the unlikely event of an accident we are completely liable for and damage.

    domestic solar installers on roof

    Domestic Solar Installers For Your UK Home

    Why Should I Choose Empower For My Domestic Solar Installation?

    Here at Empower, our main priority is ensuring that whilst providing our customers with clean energy that protects the environment, we take care of their needs from beginning to end ensuring they receive the best customer service from our team of experts. Our team are all highly qualified MCS accredited installers who have over 14 years’ experience fitting and installing domestic & commercial solar systems across the UK for various clients.

    Domestic Solar Installers Maintenance Clean
    Domestic Solar

    What Are The Benefits Of Domestic Solar?

    Solar has several benefits that make it a no brainer for everyone. Despite the initial solar installation cost seeming a bit high its worth every penny at Empower and this is why. Not only does the opportunity’s solar offers you mean that you could save on energy bills, but it means you could possibly even end up profiting from it.

    At Empower Our service doesn’t finish there. We continue to deliver offering a top-quality maintenance package, so our customers systems are closely monitored, kept clean and working efficiently.

    How We Estimate System Performance

    As specialists in solar energy since 2008, we use only the most intelligent software, innovative products and combined with our years of experience and expertise to recommend the most cost effective energy saving solution.

    Calculations are based on a number of key factors including geographical location, orientation and inclination. We use state-of-the-art digital equipment to model your proposed system: PV Sol Expert is the industry-leading simulation software that enables 3D visualisation and accurate shading analysis. This program considers every factor including the site´s orientation to south, angle of the pitch, and the efficiency of the proposed modules and inverters. The software measures the last 10 years of local meteorological data to give the most comprehensive performance prediction possible.

    Domestic Solar Installers


    Empower Energy are a UK pioneer of SolarEdge technology and believe it to be the new standard of PV installations. This premium solution offers so much more than traditional systems and ultimately provides the client with a system which will generate a far better return on their investment.

    Up To 25% More Energy

    • Increased energy yield & faster return on investment through module-level MPPT
    • No module power mismatch loss
    • Absolutely no partial shading loss
    • No soiling mismatch loss
    • No ageing mismatch loss

    Cost-Efficient Maintenance

    • Full visibility of system performance & remote troubleshooting
    • Module-level performance data
    • Presentation of complete system on virtual site map
    • Automatic alerts on system issues
    • Easy access via web browser from computer or smartphone

    Constraint-Free Design

    • Maximum space utilization with minimum design time
    • Modules on different orientation and tilts in the same string
    • Different module types in a single string
    • Strings of different lengths connected to same inverter
    • Longer strings - up to 50 modules per string

    Safe DC™ - DC safety

    • Safety during installation, maintenance, firefighting & other emergencies
    • Installation: safe string voltage - until inverter & AC supply are turned on
    • Maintenance: safe string voltage - automatic once inverter is turned off
    • Automatic alerts on system issues
    • Emergency: safe string voltage - automatic after grid disconnection

    Solaredge Live Monitoring System


    Why we use Solar Edge

    Having spent years researching, trying and testing the very best products on the market, Empower Energy have chosen to work with global leaders SolarEdge for our systems.


    Traditional PV systems consist of PV modules wired together in a series, much like Christmas tree lights. If a single module underperforms for any reason (cloud-cover, dust or dirt for example), the rest of the modules on that string also underperform, reducing energy production across the whole string.

    In a SolarEdge installation, each PV module is connected to an intelligent electronic chip called a power optimizer. Power optimizers maximize solar energy production from each module separately and therefore reduce power losses. If an individual module underperforms, it won’t affect the performance of any of the other modules in the string. Every SolarEdge system further benefits from advanced monitoring that tracks and reports the performance of every module, and exceptional safety features. Solaredge smart energy solutions help to enhance production levels and increase energy savings.

    We use only black/mono panels capable of absorbing more sun rays, thereby generating more solar power. This leads to more energy being produced for your home or business.

    Smart Panels

    • Premium SolarEdge smart panels are each integrated with a power optimiser for greater energy harvest
    • Elegant panel design with a black frame to absorb more light
    • Excellent reliability, with superior quality control guaranteed by SolarEdge

    Power Optimiser

    • Integrated  with each SolaEdge Smart panel on the roof, for increased panel output, enhanced system safety and real time panel performance
    • Can also be installed on third party panels, converting them into smart panels


    • The brains of the PV system
    • Efficiently converts DC energy to AC electricity for use in your home
    • Manages system production battery power, EV charging and smart energy
    • 25 year warranty
    • Increased energy
    • Maximum optimisation
    • Full roof utilisation

    SolarEdge Monitoring system

    SolarEdge inverter Monitoring is an intelligent system that keeps you updated with how your solar is performing and how much energy and power your system is producing over a period of time. The monitoring system allows you to see the amount of energy produced daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. It is designed to meet your evolving energy needs and to protect your investment. Keeping track of your energy production and consumption is easy with your free mySolrEdge app. The intuitive application runs on your mobile device to give you a real time dashboard of your energy production and consumption.

    • 100% economic and technical production visibility
    • Free for 25 years
    • Opportunities for social sharing and access to public display
    • Remote troubleshooting and access to real time system data and guided root cause fault analysis
    • Easy access form a computer, smart phone or tablet
    • Automatic alerts on system issues
    • Comprehensive site level reporting and analysis tools with an option to schedule automatic reports and export reports


    Solar Edge Designer

    • Solar Edge Designer allows us to 3D model your entire property.
    • The software models the angle of the panels, orientation, position and movement of the sun in sky throughout the year, and local area historical weather data.
    • The software also takes into account the effect of shading from nearby trees and buildings to ultimately give a very accurate estimation of the projected output of the solar array, across the year.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are solar panels made of ?
    Solar panels are made up of cells which have a layer of silicon in them that converts light energy into electricity. There are two main types of silicon, monocrystalline and polycrystalline. Monocrystalline is the most efficient, though panels using this may cost more. Polycrystalline is less expensive; however, the panels tend to be larger and less efficient.
    What does PV mean ?
    PV is short for Photovoltaic which comes from Latin: Photo meaning light + Voltaic meaning Energy.
    Why should I invest in solar energy ?
    Solar Energy harnesses the natural power of the sun, not only does it mean the electricity you are using is clean because fossils fuels aren't burned to make it, it is also renewable and abundant. You can also save money as you are not forking out for ever increasing energy bills and Government incentives can help you even more.
    How much do Solar panels cost ?
    This does depend on a lot of variables but for a 4kW system, which is most commonly installed on a domestic property you should expect to pay in the region of £6,500. Contact us now for a free no-obligation survey to find out more.
    Is Solar still a good investment ?
    Yes! Solar is still a great investment, for commercial systems we always design our systems around your energy usage to maximise the financial benefits. The price of energy will continue to rise, solar energy will ‘futureproof’ your company against this.
    How much energy does a Solar array produce ?
    Each kWp of solar PV will produce anywhere from 800 to 1200kWh per year. There are a lot of factors which determine this figure but we can produce an accurate estimation based on historic weather conditions at that location and the system specifics such as pitch of the roof and which way it faces.
    Does the roof have to face South ?
    No, panels can face any direction apart from North, the yield on a south facing system is traditionally higher however an East/West array will generally produce a lower yield but for more hours in a day as the sun will catch each roof in turn as it traverses the sky.
    What happens if things go wrong ?
    Empower Energy are here to help you in the unfortunate case of something going wrong. The panels themselves come with a warranty for efficiency of 20-25 years. Our inverter systems normally come with a standard 12 year warranty but we can extend this very easily to 20 years.
    What is an Inverter ?
    Solar panels produce what is called Direct Current or DC for short. An Inverter’s job is to take the DC current and transform it into a power source that you can use; Alternating current (AC for short).
    What make of inverter do you install ?
    We recommend the Solar Edge Inverter system, with almost every other inverter the panels are linked in a similar way to Christmas tree lights, if one fails or does not work properly, it will affect the rest of the system. So, for example, if something shades one panel, this will affect the performance of every other panel attached. With our system, each panel works independently and at its maximum efficiency and is not affected by its neighbours. This can produce a higher overall system yield than other inverter systems. Our system also can monitor each panel individually, so if there ever is an issue, we will know about it immediately. More often than not, with a traditional inverter the first time someone realises there is a problem is when they submit their generation readings every quarter to the energy supplier.

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