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The tesla home battery storage is a product that makes it easy and accessible to store the unused energy solar generates in the day so at night you don’t need to panic about not having any electricity because your tesla battery will ensure that you can carry on with your daily routine just the same in the evening.

Why Is Battery Storage Useful?

battery storage is becoming increasingly popular in recent years because more and more people are looking to solar as a way of reducing the amount of harmful emissions their releasing into the atmosphere, with solar comes the question how can I generate electricity in the evening when my solar system is unable to do this? That’s where we bring you battery storage.

Battery storage provides an easy and accessible way of generating electricity when solar cant and the two-work hand in hand. So watching tv, listening to music or anything else you have in mind is made easy.

How Does Solar Storage Work?

Battery storage works by storing the unused solar energy your system generates in the day so it’s available for you to use at night just like you would any ordinary solar power.

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    Tesla Home Battery Offer

    Tesla Powerwall 2 have teamed up with Empower Energy to offer a unique special offer. Compact and simple to install, the Tesla Powerwall 2 is a completed automated system that requires no maintenance. With twice the energy capacity of the original version means double the ability to keep your home humming with guilt-free electric power.


    13.5Kwh Tesla Powerwall 2

    Normal Price £7200 + VAT

    Special Price £7000 + VAT

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    How Big Is A Tesla Home Battery?

    The Tesla Powerwall 2 weights 114kg with dimensions; 1150mm x 753 mm x 147 mm

    The new Powerwall 2, is also a similar price to the first Powerwall except you get more for your money than the previous generation. Tesla has produced the Powerwall, a rechargeable battery made with lithium-ion. The Tesla is unique unlike any other storage device and fits in perfectly with any home and décor.

    Tesla Powerwall 2 energy storage devices are an original solution to not having energy at night-time. The powerwall 2 has as much as twice the capacity and magnitude as the first-generation Powerwall.

    Tesla Home Battery

    How long does it take to charge a Tesla Powerwall?

    Some Tesla home batteries take longer than others and this depends on your charging output as well the powerwalls lowest input. This can, therefore, vary the number of hours it takes for your Powerwall to charge. When the sun first comes up in the morning that’s when your solar pv system starts generating electricity for your household. When your solar is generating more energy than your home is using it then stores this energy in your Powerwall for later use when solar pv is no longer available. For instance in evenings or when the suns gone down.

    How it works if you don’t have solar PV? Without solar panels alternatively, your powerwall will charge when energy prices are down and then be released from charging when electricity prices are back up again. So you'll still benefit from maximised energy savings.

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    How Many Batteries Are Needed To Power A House?

    The number of Tesla batteries required to power your home depends on the amount of time you intend on solely powering your home through tesla battery storage. Another factor that makes a difference to this is the size of your solar system.

    On average if your energy usage is around 9kwh a day with a 120 square meter house size then 1-Tesla Powerwall battery is recommended to power your home.

    If your household’s electricity usage and house size are significantly more, you may require 2 + Tesla powerwalls in order to completely power your home. However, powerwalls are not designed to fuel homes for days on end they are designed as a backup to a solar system when daylight has passed, and your solar system is no longer absorbing the sunlight. The Tesla Powerwall 2 is fully equipped so that in the event of power cuts or unexpected disruptions to the primary energy source your home still has the ability to carry on running as normal without any issues.

    Tesla Home Battery

    Can You Go Off-grid With A Tesla Home Battery?

    With Tesla recently producing the Tesla Powerwall 2 upgrading itself with a substantial capacity of 13.5kWh twice the capacity of the 1st generation, you can now operate in off-grid networks. This gives homeowners the ability to disable their connection to the grid and get rid of their energy supplier. This Tesla battery storage device gives you options that fit around your lifestyle and conform to your existing solar system.
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    How Many Solar Panels Do You Need To Charge A Tesla Powerwall?

    2.25x1000/400 = 5.625 kW of solar panels. On average battery storage devices such as the Tesla Powerwall 2 benefit people using 5kWh solar systems or more. If you're looking to invest in a Tesla Powerwall, you need to consider whether your solar system generates enough spare energy and has the ability to fully charge a Tesla Powerwall 2. We recommend only purchasing a Tesla Powerwall if your solar system is a 5kWh system or larger otherwise you could be at a disadvantage and won’t necessarily benefit from your storage device how you should. A 5kWh system is made up of either 17 solar panels using 300W panels or 20 panels using 250W panels. With your 5kWh system, you can produce enough solar to power a home, however, in the winter, your solar system will produce significantly less which consequently means you'll need to rely more on the grid as well as your tesla Powerwall for energy. Whereas in the summer your solar system will enable your home to run for a longer period with less reliance on the grid and your Tesla Powerwall.

    Tesla Home Battery

    How Many kWh Does A Tesla Powerwall Hold?

    Tesla is constantly bettering their power sources, creating the first Powerwall with a capacity of 6.4kWh going on to produce the Powerwall 2 with a capacity of 13.5 kWh. Tesla has created the perfect solution to a common and annoying problem. With over twice the capacity of usable electricity to the 1st generation Powerwall, Tesla is continuing to produce top of the market products making people ditch old battery storages with half the capacity and upgrade to Tesla, for bigger and better.

    Should I Charge My Tesla Battery Every Night?

    Majority of Tesla battery homeowners will typically charge and discharge their batteries every day. However, this doesn’t mean you necessarily need to charge it daily. This will depend on your reliance to night time energy and how much stored electricity you're anticipating to use. Another factor to consider when asking this question is the size of your household. A larger house that uses a significant number of electricity on a daily basis is going to need to charge their battery more frequent to carry on using this amount as a pose to a smaller family that doesn’t use nearly as much.
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    Can You Use A Tesla Powerwall Without Solar?

    You can install and use a tesla Powerwall using standard electricity from the grid. Solar is not essential for your tesla Powerwall to function, however, solar power can be a lot cheaper than grid electricity so therefore gives you the ability to benefit by saving money that you may not get the chance to save if you decided to use grid electricity.
    Tesla Home Battery

    Are Battery Storage Products MCS Certified?

    Are Battery Storage Products MCS Certified? None of our battery storage products are under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme and therefore are not MCS certified.
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    What Is The Lifespan Of A Tesla Home Battery?

    The Tesla Powerwall 2 has a warranty of 10 years so any anybody who's looking to get the most out of a battery storage device will be nothing short of impressed when it comes to the Tesla Powerwall 2. However, even though Tesla powerwall 2 has a 10-year warranty home owners often find their battery has lasted an additional 5-10 years longer than the guaranteed length of time.

    Benefits Of A Tesla Home Battery

    • Tesla is an intelligent battery that comes with an automated system.
    • All Tesla Powerwall's come with a 10-year warranty.
    • Fortunately, the Tesla Powerwall is a flexible product that gives you the option to choose a wall mounted install or to have your Powerwall mounted to the ground. Its built to upstand all weather conditions so outside installations won't affect the functionality of the device.
    • If a power cut occurs the Tesla battery pack ensures your electricity will still work with the tesla substituting as a power provider.

    Why The Tesla Home Battery Is The Best On The Market

    Some storage devices on the market can look unappealing, or not quite fit in with the rest of the house and whilst its not a priority to have an aesthetically pleasing battery its a definitely a selling point for most homeowners. Tesla Powerwall's are designed to look stylish and blend in with existing features in your property. Tesla brings battery storage to a new level making it possible to generate electricity whilst adding to your properties image at the same time.

    Why Choose Empower As Your Installers?

    At Empower, we provide customers with top of the market products at a competitive price. With over 15 years’ experience in the electrical engineering sector, installing Tesla battery storage into homes all across the UK, our team of engineers have a great understanding of what makes each project successful and how to consistently deliver top-quality installations for all our clients.

    Tesla systems can obtain a lot of energy, however, you shouldn’t always rely on the automated system. In the settings, you can adjust your preferences to the required amount you’d like your system to store in case of a power cut.

    The good thing about the Tesla Powerwall 2 is its AC coupled so, therefore, goes hand in hand with any solar system that Is linked to the grid. This makes the tesla battery an easy option for anybody with an existing solar system or hoping to get one but isn’t sure which battery storage devices will be compatible with their solar system.

    Slide Tesla Powerwall Battery Specs Energy Capacity 13.5 kWh
    100% depth of discharge
    90% round trip efficiency
    New Layer Power 7kW peak / 5kW continuous
    Seamless backup transition
    Pure sine wave output
    Size and Weight L x W x D
    45.3" x 29.6" x 5.75"
    1150 mm x 753 mm x 147 mm
    251.3 lbs / 114 kg
    Installation Floor or wall mounted
    Indoor or outdoor
    Up to 10 Powerwalls
    -4°F to 122°F / -20°C to 50°C
    Water and dust resistance to IP67
    Certifications Meets US and international safety standards
    Meets US and international EMI standards
    10 years Warranty

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