SchoolVision Lighting From Phillips

Using LED Lighting To Improve School Learning Environments

How does SchoolVision work ?

SchoolVision lets teachers choose between four different light settings, according to the time of day and activity. These settings mimic the natural patterns of daylight that human bodies responds to, which have been shown to help children stay focused and alert. The options are:

  • Normal - standard brightness and color tone, sets the scene for a normal lesson.
  • Focus - highest light intensity and a cool colour tone, supports concentration for tests
  • Energy - high intensity level, very cool color tone, makes children alert during mornings and after lunch
  • Calm - standard intensity level, warm color tone, calms down a hyperactive class.

Supported By Science

SchoolVision was put to the test in an independent study by the government of Hamburg, Germany and the Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf. A total of 166 pupils and 18 teachers took part in the year-long scientific experiment, which recorded significant improvements in student performance.

  • Reading speed – 35% increase
  • Frequency of errors - 45% decrease
  • Hyperactive behaviour – 76% decrease


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