Niall's in-roof solar system

What does Niall's system consist of?

Niall's foray into sustainable living reached new heights when he enlisted the expertise of the Empower team to install his state-of-the-art solar system in the crisp month of February. This eco-conscious system is meticulously crafted, featuring 12 cutting-edge Jinko solar panels, each complemented by an expertly tuned setup of 12 Optimisers, and anchored by the efficient functionality of a SolarEdge optimiser. This thoughtful configuration, boasting a robust capacity of 5.04 kWp, underscores Niall's unwavering commitment to harnessing efficient and sustainable solar energy.

Your thoughtful investment in solar technology stands as a beacon for others seeking to embrace a greener and more energy-efficient future. May your commitment inspire others to follow suit, collectively contributing to a more environmentally conscious and sustainable world. Enjoy the multitude of benefits that your new solar system brings!

What are the statistics?

The operational prowess of Niall's solar array is nothing short of commendable, generating approximately 4900 kWh of photovoltaic (PV) power annually. This impressive renewable energy production is more than just a number; it signifies Niall's transition towards a more energy-independent and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

The impact of Niall's solar initiative is not limited to environmental considerations alone, as it extends to substantial financial benefits. Niall is poised to witness a noteworthy reduction in his annual electricity bills, with estimated savings amounting to around £882.00. These tangible economic gains serve as a testament to the immediate and practical advantages of embracing solar technology.


Saved on electricity bills


Of Electricity generated