Domestic Groundmount System For Client In Great Staughton
April 2, 2019
Commercial Solar Installation At Veyron Weybridge
April 2, 2019
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Domestic Groundmount System For Client In Wimborne

Domestic Ground Mount Installations

Empower Energy can take care of every part of your solar ground mount system installation. The whole process is very straightforward and will cause minimal disruption. Many installations are completed in less than a week. As solar installers we are also fully insured so you can feel safe in the knowledge that in the unlikely event of an accident we are completely liable for any damage.

The Devil Is Really In The Detail

We use PV sol EXPERT advanced planning software to get the very best from your installation before we even touch a single cable. This helps us take into account every variable that could impact on the performance of your system both now, and in the future. It helps us with problems such as:

  • Define the extent to which roof objects could cause shading.
  • Calculate shade frequency distribution for each individual module with millimetre precision to optimise panel placement.
  • Precisely customise surrounding objects with great accuracy to give you a complete and accurate picture of your solar setup.
  • Produce a 3D animation of shading over a day or a year.

For More Information Please See Our Domestic Solar Installation Page



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