Electrical wiring testing is a safety requirement,
May 4, 2016
How Battery Storage Could Help Revolutionise the Renewable Energy Industry
May 4, 2016

Energy storage is the way forward

Energy storage is the future according to the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). The ICE published a report last week which adds to a chorus of recent voices from Britain. Energy storage is the future of the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy. The ICE report looks at how to unlock the potential of electricity storage. They say that changes in the regulatory framework will support a UK transition to a low carbon economy.

The ICE report ‘Electricity Storage: Realising the Potential’ posits market-based solutions for the development of electricity storage. The report points out that energy storage can bring advantages to the grid. These advantages include improved grid flexibility, safeguarding against blackouts and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The report claims this could be possible without subsidies. The only blocker are the regulations that stand in the way.

Empower Energy has already started training and education programs for their electrical engineers. Empower Energy remains focused on helping home owners find better ways to make energy, save energy and store energy.

Energy storage can work in your home or your office to keep all the extra energy produced by solar PV systems. Storing energy from Solar PV systems over the weekend when offices are closed allows your company to use free energy during the week starting monday morning.

Storing energy in a home battery system during the day when you are working allows your family to enjoy all that free sun energy in the evening.


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