Nealle's in-roof solar system

What does Nealle's system consist of?

In a visionary move towards sustainable energy, Nealle took the proactive step of engaging Empower to install a cutting-edge solar energy system. This meticulously designed system boasts a configuration featuring 26 high-performance Jinko solar panels, each optimized for efficiency with the inclusion of 26 SolarEdge optimizers, and anchored by the energy-efficient SolarEdge inverter. This comprehensive setup reflects Nealle's commitment to harnessing the latest advancements in solar technology for optimal energy generation.

What are the statistics?

Anticipating an impressive output, Nealle's solar installation is projected to generate approximately 10330 kWh of clean and renewable energy annually. This substantial production not only positions Neale as a proactive contributor to his energy needs but also signifies a significant reduction in his reliance on conventional power sources.

The immediate and tangible benefits of this solar initiative extend beyond environmental considerations to substantial financial savings. Neale is expected to witness noteworthy savings of £1601.15 on his annual electricity bills, underscoring the economic viability of investing in solar energy solutions.


Saved on electricty bills


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