Micheals in-roof solar system

What does Michaels system consist of?

In a decisive move towards sustainable energy, Michael collaborated with Empower Energy to orchestrate the installation of a cutting-edge 5 kW solar system. This forward-thinking investment includes a meticulously curated ensemble of 12 high-performance Jinko Solar panels, intricately paired with 12 SolarEdge Optimisers, and anchored by the efficiency-enhancing SolarEdge Inverter.


What are the statistics?

The transformative impact of Michael's solar initiative is significant. Annually, his solar array produces an impressive 4689 kWh of clean and renewable energy, marking a pivotal shift towards energy self-sufficiency and reduced reliance on traditional power sources. The consequential effect on Michael's finances is equally noteworthy, with substantial savings of £1106.60 realized on his electricity bills. This immediate and tangible financial benefit serves as a testament to the economic viability of embracing solar energy solutions.

Beyond the economic advantages, Michael's commitment to environmentally conscious energy choices is exemplified by the remarkable reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. The operation of his solar system results in an annual decrease of 2609 kg of CO2 emissions, contributing meaningfully to the fight against climate change. Michael's environmentally friendly choice stands as a testament to his role as a responsible global citizen, actively participating in the ongoing effort to mitigate the impact of carbon emissions.


Of Electricity generated


Saved on electricity