Marcus's in-roof solar system

What does Marcus's system consist of?

On the auspicious date of June 29, 2022, Marcus took a significant step towards energy self-sufficiency and sustainability by having his solar panel system expertly installed. This transformative system, boasting a total capacity of solar power generation at an impressive 7176 kWh annually, is set to revolutionize Marcus's approach to energy consumption.

The intricate components of Marcus's solar setup include 16 cutting-edge Jinko solar panels, carefully paired with 16 SolarEdge optimisers for enhanced energy efficiency, and a SolarEdge inverter serving as the cornerstone for seamless energy conversion. This carefully curated configuration speaks volumes about Marcus's dedication to harnessing the latest in solar technology for optimal performance.


What are the statistics?

The anticipated annual yield of 7176 kWh holds promise not only in terms of sustainable energy generation but also in substantial economic benefits for Marcus. Projections indicate a noteworthy yearly cost reduction of £1112.28 on his electricity expenditures. This tangible financial gain underscores the immediate and practical advantages of investing in solar energy, emphasizing Marcus's shrewd decision to embrace a cleaner and more cost-effective energy alternative.

As Marcus embarks on this solar-powered journey, he not only secures a brighter and more sustainable future for himself but also contributes meaningfully to the larger environmental narrative. By relying on clean and renewable energy sources, Marcus is actively reducing his carbon footprint, making strides towards a greener and more eco-conscious lifestyle.


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