OptiVision Gen 2 Industrial LED Lighting

High Performance Industrial LED Lighting For Outdoor Areas.


The OptiVision gen 2 family includes a wide range of dedicated optics and beams, ideally suited for company's who want to reduce their costs and energy consumption. The OptiVision includes three different versions available, basic, smart and advanced.

Ideally suited for industrial use, each lighting unit is easy to install and maintain.
Available as a narrow, medium and wide beams, the OptiVision LED gen 2 is easy to install and maintain.. With simple wiring between the drive box and luminaire the system is quick and easy to install.

Improve Sustainability

  • Reduce carbon footprint to support environmental initiatives
  • Limit light pollution with advanced LED floodlight performance
  • Increase the opportunity for sports with bright, energy-efficient LED lighting

The Philips OptiVision LED gen2 floodlighting system provides a complete lighting solution for all sizes of sport grounds. Each Philips OptiVision LED light comes with two or three LED lighting modules, these function with an external driver box which can be separated from the floodlight (BV) or pre-fixed onto the mounting bracket of the floodlight (HGB). As sports LED lighting they provide the highest performance standards, outstanding light quality, and ensure safety and visual comfort for players and spectators.
OptiVision LED gen2 offers new possibilities to reduce energy consumption and increase flexibility (instant start, programmable lighting levels) when used in conjunction with Philips’ advanced system controls and sensors. The floodlights are also compatible with other external control systems via DALI protocol.

Optimise Operations

Control The Lighting Easily to provide light when and where you need it. Streamline maintenance with monitoring that shows outages throughout the facility Reduce energy consumption with energy-efficient LED lighting, scheduling, and controls

Enhance Experience

Clear, uniform LED lighting Increases comfort and well-being Improve visibility, safety, and comfort for athletes and spectators Create a unique ambience To complement various activities with flexible lighting

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Flexibility - Both In Terms Of Application And User Needs

High Level Of Efficiency Both In Terms of Cost & Performance

Future Proof

Easy To Install And Maintain

LED Industrial Lighting

Industrial LED Lighting Optivision Generation

OptiVision LED gen2 offers different optical distributions for total flexibility: four asymmetrical and four symmetrical beams. As well as this It provides good control of glare and spill light of asymmetrical beams at 15° to 40° tilt. An optional integrated louvre for asymmetrical optics further controls and limits spill light.

  • OptiVision LED Basic
    is the ideal solution for smaller areas and is highly affordable. However, it does not offer network control, and its energy saving potential is limited.
  • OptiVision LED Smart
    uses dimming schedules to make energy savings, without major infrastructure changes. The DALI interface enables network control.
  • OptiVision LED Advanced
    is the top of the range and extends dimming to the floodlight group and manual lights. As Greater energy savings are possible.

Industrial LED Lighting Components

  • 1. Housing / Heatsink
    in moulded aluminium; finishing in raw aluminium (optionally painted or coated for marine salt protection and swimming pool applications as per customer request)
  • 2. LED light modules
    equipped with either asymmetrical or symmetrical optics (optionally)
  • 3. Aluminium molded electrical connection box
    enabling wiring between floodlight and external driver box (not relevant to HGB-driver box attached to floodlight version, pre-cabled by the factory)
  • 4. Optic lens and cover
    in UV protected PC
  • 5. Heat sink in aluminium
    finishing always black coated
  • 6. Mounting bracket in molded aluminium
    finishing in raw aluminium (painted when MSP or SWP version chosen)
  • 7. End caps
    hiding the bolts for floodlight tilting (on either side) and the slot hole for horizontal adjustment of the bracket


  • 1. Housing / Heatsink
  • 2. Cover to access terminals
    for electrical connections
  • 3. Bottom cover
    is fixed with screws and sealed IP66, so must never be opened by the installer/customer
  • 4. Key slot
    at 4 corners for M6 fixation screws
  • 5. 1xM20 DALI control
  • 6. 1xM25 output to LED modules
  • 7. 1xM25 Mains
  • 8. Cable glands
    are protected
  • 9. Retainable cover screws/div>
  • 10 Suspension hook (for floodlight BV version)

Industrial Lighting UK

At Empower we supply LEDs for clients with various industrial areas from warehouses and offices to football pitches and tennis courts. We do it all. Lighting makes a big difference to everyone whether it’s an office or a hockey pitch, to maintain a high-performance environment you need high-quality performance lighting to go with it. LED’s make it easy to concentrate on what matters without any distractions, it might be something you’ve not even thought about perhaps you’ve adapted to the lights you’ve got, upgrading to LED’s will show you how beneficial top- quality lights are. Not just for aesthetic reasons, but LED’s also have remarkable health benefits that come with them. If you're interested in upgrading your vision why not take a look at our range of Philips LED Lights and see why LED's have become the new best thing in the world of lighting

Are LED Lights Any Better Than Normal Lights?

LED’s are a much greater light option to go for, the cost you pay at the start is more than you would pay for other lights but don’t let that put you off because you get every penny you pay for, whilst normal lights are initially cheaper they aren’t nearly as effective as LEDs are. We supply Philips LED lights which are considerably brighter and have a far longer lifespan so the high cost you pay at the start actually ends up saving you money and you get top quality lights for it!

Benefits Of LED's

  • Reduce in UV emissions
  • Quality brightness
  • Excellent lifespan
  • Saves money

Are LEDs Expensive?

Initially LEDs are more expensive than a normal light however the initial cost you pay turns out to be less than what you’d actually pay for a normal light, because LED’s have a much longer lifespan so you’ll actually end up saving money by not having to keep replacing your lights like you would a standard one.

What does Led stand for?
Light – emitting diode.

Do LED’s require a certain type of wiring?
The majority of LED lights demand minimal power so in most cases as long as you have a fairly good supply of power you won’t need a certain type of wiring.
How frequent do I need to update my LED’s?

Leds have such a long lifespan that they don’t need replacing often with an average lifespan expectancy of up to 50, 000 hours. With the lights operate for 24 hours a day this would mean a life of 5.7 years, if operated for 18 hours a day the lights would last 7.6 years and for 12 hours a day a life expectancy of 11.4 years.

How are Leds good for the environment?
LED bulbs turn alot of the energy they produce into light and reduce the amount of UV emissions released