Installing In Roof Solar Panels

In roof solar panels are very similar to conventional solar panels. The main difference being in roof panels act as both solar panels and the actual roof tiles. With a solar panel mounting tray system you have a choice of any conventional roof panel. We recommend GSE roof mounting system.

Why GSE?

GSE Integration is a French establishment that manufactures Photovoltaic solar panels. Their integrated kits are designed to be lightweight, low cost but cost-efficient products that bring a more aesthetically pleasing aspect to solar panels. GSE are controlling the majority of companies on the market because of the cost-effective reputation their mounting systems have.

GSE Integration kits can be used on over 90% of photovoltaic panels that are on the market and they are also one of the cheapest to use as well so they’re beneficial for everyone involved.

Things to Consider

When your considering a solar panel installation there are a few things to consider such as whether a solar system that covers your entire roof space is what you’re interested in having or whether it’s just a section of the roof you want integrated with roof panels.

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    Solar Panel System Monitoring

    Choosing to have solar panels installed on your home is a big decision to make so knowing you've got a monitoring system that constantly follows the progress of your panels as well as showing you several other useful things, such as how much energy your system is generating, when it's generating that energy and if there are any problems or faults can make a difference. The monitoring system allows you to feel at ease knowing not only are we keeping a close eye on your system but now you can too.

    Solar Edge Inverters

    An inverter is an essential part of what makes a solar system because it converts the DC electricity that solar panels generate into AC electricity with the purpose that the electricity generated can then be applied for everyday home uses such as watching TV, hoovering. A significant number of people keep their inverters indoors if this is a consideration for you we advise keeping it in a cool area such as your garage where the temperature accommodates it perfectly allowing your inverter to function to the best of its ability.

    Is My Home Right For A Solar System Installation?

    We install solar to different size homes across the UK however, when installing solar you must bear in mind that solar is natural energy produced by the sun, therefore if your home is located in a particularly shady area then your system is going to generate considerably less than a system located somewhere where it has better access to the sun.

    Another thing to consider before starting your solar installation process is what type of facing roof you've got. South-facing roofs are ideal for solar because they tend to produce the most power, but solar can also work well with south-east and west-facing roofs. Making solar accessible to the majority of homes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    What Is The Difference With In-roof Solar Panels?

    In roof solar systems and on roof solar panel systems function in a similar sort of way just with slight differences. In roof systems just like on roof operate by turning natural energy into electricity you can then use on a day to day basis. The difference is in roof systems have no roof tiles underneath them and instead the solar panels act as a substitute roof for the house just with solar integrated into the roof instead of normal tiles. In terms of the visual aspect, in-roof systems generally look a lot more appealing and fit in better with the house. However, in-roof systems can be up to 10% less efficient than conventional solar panels as the panels operate at a slightly higher temperature.
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    How Much Do Integrated Solar Panels Cost In The UK?

    The cost of in-roof solar panels in the UK can vary for each installation. The price of your project is dependant on several different factors including the type of inverter manufacturer you plan on choosing . Another factor that determines the cost of your system is whether your property is a new build or a retrofit. This can have an impact on the cost of your solar installation because the solar panels are integrated into the actual roof so the age of the build could potentially make your installation cost increase. additional contributing factors to the cost of your system are the size and type of system you choose.
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    How Many Solar Panels Are Needed To Power A House?

    The average household uses a 4Kwh system made up of 16 panels. However, the number of solar panels needed to power a house will differ from each home. This is because every family will use a slightly different amount of electricity so you really can’t give an exact number to how many solar panels are needed specifically for your home. You can, however, work out how much you spend a month on average on electricity bills and from that estimate the number of panels you may need to be able to power your home.


    Why Choose Empower Energy As Your Solar Installers

    At Empower we offer a range of solar panels including poly-crystalline and mono-crystalline solar panels. We also install a range of other top-quality solar panels for customers interested in residential and domestic installations. Our top priority at Empower is to ensure all of our customers are fully satisfied with their installations so we make sure we give top-quality service to match. With over 15 years experience installing solar for customers across the country we know how to make sure each project runs smoothly and turns out exactly how its anticipated, We work with you from start to finish, turning your visionary into a reality.

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    Can A House Run On Solar Power Alone?

    Running your house solely on solar power can be done yes, however this isn’t a decision you should make lightly, there is a great deal of planning and financial considerations that need to be thought of first. Running an entire household on solar means you need to have a storage solution for when the sun cannot provide solar energy. Therefore, becomes a discussion of whether you are prepared to pay the extra money to invest in a battery storage device such as the Tesla Powerwall 2. This would give you the ability to rely completely on solar energy and power your house through this. While generating solar energy to your house in the daytime, excess energy is being stored in your battery storage for you to use at night-time when solar isn’t available. Powerwall’s have brought solar to a new level, but they don’t store never-ending energy, of course, so you'll need to figure out how much energy your household is consuming and from there work out if powering your home completely through solar is viable.
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    Do I need to clean my solar panels?

    Solar panels need little maintaining and usually clean themselves in the wintertime due to poor weather conditions. However, in the summer the weather may mean that the panels need to be cleaned and inspected because they are unlikely to clean themselves and a build-up of dirt and any bird droppings could start to affect the functionality of the panels. We recommend getting your panels maintained at least once a year to keep everything up to date and ensure your system is working how it should be.
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    Peimar Italian SG270 Panels

    PEIMAR polycrystalline solar panels made in Italy provide customers with a perfect combination of high-efficiency and versatility. Thanks to the use of high-quality solar cells, our panels achieve outstanding performance and ensure maximum production output even under poor lighting and weather conditions. The strong yet ultra-light frames, available in silver or black make installation easy but robust in either residential, commercial or large-scale settings.

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    NeON® R

    The LG NeON® R is LG’s premier module armed with the highest and most efficient energy generation technology that LG has ever produced.

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    JA 280 Poly Monos

    JA Solar modules provide reliable quality and use PID- free components and all modules come with a 10 year product warranty on materials and workmanship, and a 25 years linear performance warranty. JA Solar offers its customers high quality products with higher than average efficiencies at a very good price to performance ratio.

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    Poly & Mono-crystalline panels

    Canadian Solar's high energy generation panels are constructed using 5-6 inch poly-crystalline and mono-crystalline cells which have been developed to make them suitable for use in all manner of applications; from domestic, residential properties and commercial sites to the more challenging demands of an extensive solar energy generation plant.

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