Are Your Commercial Solar Panels Under-Performing ?

Depending on the age of your commercial solar system you may have unreliable monitoring or limited reporting information from your provider. While this is useful for evaluating the financial performance of your system, it is less useful for finding techncal faults. We recommend using SolarEdge to monitor your system as it provides real-time date.

How Do I Know If My Solar Panels Are Working Correctly ?

Check your generation meter once a week and keep a record of the readings. Your meter should record the energy generated each day, even in dull weather. Over a period of time you should see an average days generation and have a feel for what your system should be producing.

Install A Realtime Monitor Based System

Monitoring your PV system with a realtime monitor to record your production and check for faults. A SolarEdge monitor will record and provide you with real time statistics and highlight any faults that may arise.

The SolarEdge PV Monitoring Portal is a web-based application that provides module-level, string-level and system-wide monitoring. The solar monitoring software provides enhanced maintenance of PV systems and yield assurance. The portal automatically provides alerts for accurate and immediate fault detection, localized on a virtual site map for on-site and remote troubleshooting at the module level. Module performance is communicated across existing power lines, so no extra wiring is required.

Professional Maintenance & Cleaning

Regularly maintaining your solar system will increase your energy production. Our professional teams perform full electrical testing as well as cleaning the panels. With regular visits, we will ensure your system is performing to 100% of its capability and maximising returns for our clients. Should an issue arise, we can react quickly to resolving the problem and provide you with continued energy savings. Our expert teams can install replacement parts under warranty and even provide upgraded products with greater benefits to you.

Single String Inverter

A typical problem we see regularly are older systems that have been installed with string inverters that lower the output of all the panels to match the level of the lowest performing panel.
Simple shading, damage or soiling to one of the panels can cause a domino effect to all the other panels.

How Can We Boost Our Solar Panels Performance ?

SolarEdge Inverters And Power Optimisation

One of the biggest limitations with a standard inverter is they linked in series. If one panel fails or is partially shaded this has the effect of reducing the power output across the whole row or string. SolarEdge inverters prevent this issue from occurring by using a power optimiser on each solar panel so each panel is separate from each other. Solaredge Power Optimiser

Monitor Your System Direct From Your Tablet, Phone Or PC

SolarEdge cloud monitoring provides enhanced PV performance monitoring and yield assurance through immediate fault detection and alerts at module level, string level and system level.

No hardware or wiring is required to transmit data from the power optimisers to the inverter. The monitoring sensors and transmitters are built into the SolarEdge power optimiser and solar inverter, and measurement data is transmitted over regular power lines.

SolarEdge Safe DC

Probably the biggest benefit to SolarEdge is their fire safety capability, The SafeDC feature is a fail-safe mechanism ensuring voltage automatically drops to a safe 1 volt level as soon as the inverter and / or grid is shut down.

The SolarEdge system depends on the inverter constantly telling the power optimiser behind each module to let the power through and send it down to the inverter. If the inverter is turned off the optimisers stop receiving the signal and cut the majority of the power on the roof down to 1 volt.

SolarEdge Case Studies

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