Commercial Fuse Board Upgrades

If your a home owner, landlord, tenant or business owner its important to ensure the safety and condition of the electrical wiring in your property. An electrical installation condition report (EICR) or periodic inspection report is not a legal requirement, but many legal documents refer to an Electrical Condition Report as a way of satisfying their requirements.

Electrical installation and wiring can deteriorate over time and it is recommended that you have an EICR periodic inspection every 10 years and for rental properties every 5 years.

New Fuse Boards With RCD Protection

Many commercial building still have the old style fuse boards. We recommend all our clients to upgrade to the new style RCD units. This will provide better electrical safety to your building but more importantly, your employees. A consumer unit will also ensure your business is up to the current electrical regulations

  • Check if any of your electrical circuits or equipment is overloaded
  • Highlight any lack of earthing or bonding issues
  • Identify any defective earthing
  • Any damage or wear and tear that may effect the overall condition of the electrical infrastructure.

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