How Much Does The Tesla Powerwall 2 Cost?

Why Do We Sell Tesla Powerwalls?

There are hundreds of different options when considering what battery storage device to buy, and in our case, what battery storage products we believe are worth selling to our customers. As installers with over 15 years' experience delivering installations in conjunction with some of the best products in the renewable industry, the Tesla Powerwall 2 is a product, we believe gives customers everything they need and more.

Does The Price of the Powerwall Make It Worth It?

The Tesla Powerwall is a widely known leader when it comes to battery storage solutions. Despite the cost of the Tesla Powerwall 2 being a slightly more expensive UK battery storage option compared to other solutions on the market, it exceeds all expectations homeowners have from beginning to the end of its lifespan. If you're looking for an intelligent storage device with advanced technology beyond our time, Tesla Powerwall 2 is worth every penny.

Tesla Powerwall Prices?

How much does a Tesla Powerwall cost? The Powerwall 2 has an install price of £7200 + VAT @20% which brings the total cost to £8,640 incl VAT for our standard installations. This is our standard install price but may differ depending on the overall difficulty of the installation. For some homeowners, this may seem like a substantial pay out but in actual fact, it's one of the most affordable batteries on the market for price per kW. Whilst there are various batteries on the market that are considerably cheaper and therefore seem like a better option, but, the storage capacity on these home batteries will be significantly less than what the Tesla Powerwall 2 provides.

Who Can Use The Powerwall 2?

The Tesla Powerwall 2 is available for any homeowner in the UK. With an assisted app that lets you navigate seamlessly through The Tesla Powerwall features, as well as monitor and control your energy usage with possibilities to save on monthly electricity bills.

Backup Protection With Home Battery UK

With double the capacity Of the 1st Tesla Powerwall generation and even better value for money. The Tesla Powerwall 2 acts as a backup power supply for everyday evenings, storing all your unused solar energy to cover you for hours and even days at a time in the event you have a power outage.

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