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14 Years Experience Fitting Solar Systems

Empower have over 14 years experience installing and fitting solar panels for small business. With Commercial Solar photo-voltaic system technology evolving and as growth continues worldwide for renewable generation alternatives, solar and other form of renewable will continue to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. We know by using solar our clients see immediate reductions in energy costs, benefiting from generous ROI & meeting sustainable commitments. Empower Energy offer a range of solar panel systems for small business which include a full turnkey solution from Project management, design, performance calculations, modelling, planning, installation and commissioning.

Is My Small Business Suitable For Solar PV ?

There are many contributing factors to a systems’ effectiveness, such as location, angle, shading etc. By far the best way to check is to have one of our experienced commercial solar surveyors visit you personally and prepare a no obligation report and quotation. Not only will this highlight your system options, it will also show the estimated generation that you can expect from your system based on accurate details prior to installation, instead of averages and ‘best case’ figures.

What Will My Solar PV System Look Like ?

We’ve installed hundreds of systems of every size and will tailor a tried and tested solution with the minimum impact to your business. Installations can take as little as one day and you’ll notice immediate changes to your bills.

Free Module-Level Monitoring For System Lifetime

We supply our Clients with advanced commercial solar monitoring software to keep track of your system's performance. Wherever you are in the world, the platform can be accessed through the internet via your smart phone, ensuring you keep up to date with your systems performance.

  • Real-time full insight to system from anywhere
  • Easy access via web browser and mobile device
  • Remote monitoring and data logging
  • Generation and export meter remote monitoring
  • Email and text alerts

Future Compatibility & Warranty

We only use approved, high quality components, from tier-one panels, the highest efficiency inverters and right down to the nuts and bolts. This means that your commercial solar system will perform to its maximum potential for years to come.

  • 12-year warranty as standard
  • Upgradable software as technology develops
  • Flexible design allows modules of different power classes and brands in the same string
  • Lifetime free monitoring
  • 25-year power optimiser warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar panel maintenance

Do I Need To Clean My Solar Panels?

Yes, solar panels require little maintenance to keep them running smoothly, however, they’ll need to be annually cleaned at least to keep them up to date and ensure your system is working how it should be. We recommend getting professional installers to inspect and clean your panels for you so you know exactly what's going on and how to fix it in the unlikely event an issue with your panels occur or a repair is needed to fix it. It is possible for you to clan the panels yourself without professionals cleaning them for you, but the tools professionals use mean they have the ability to get in spots that you may not be able to clean yourself. At Empower, we offer a maintenance package that means you can have your panels annually cleaned and electrically tested at the same time by our team of experts.
Solar panel cleaning

How Many Solar Panels Will My Business Need?

Every commercial business is varied and requires a different number of panels to accommodate their electricity usage. Large businesses tend to require a lot more panels than a smaller business typically would because it takes into account the amount of staff and other factors that will increase electricity consumption. Whereas a smaller business would usually have fewer employees and need a smaller system because its usage from month to month would be far less. However, this isn't always the case because regardless of the size of the business at the end of the day it all comes down to the electricity consumption that business uses. For instance, a smaller business might require a bigger system because the field of work means it uses a lot of lighting, technology such as computers, laptops, work mobiles, tablets, etc whereas you could have a larger business that works with very little reliance to electricity in comparison and therefore doesn’t need anything too big.
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How Much Will My Small Businesses Solar System Cost?

Solar panel costs can vary depending on the size of the system your business requires. The larger the system you need the more it's likely to cost you, however with this comes the opportunity to save more from your system and spend money on areas that will make your company grow rather than spending money on rising electricity rates that prevent the success of your business.
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Will My Business Save Money from Installing Solar?

Solar panels are continuing to pave the way for renewable energy in 2020. With rising electricity rates continuously making it difficult for businesses to expand and be independent you couldn’t pick a better time to invest in solar. Solar panel systems provide a stable electricity service for you and your workers allowing you to accommodate the size of your system to your average monthly usage without having to pay for more than you need or not getting enough out of what you pay for. This means as a business you can not only be self-sufficient but you can manage the amount your spending so your able to consistently save money on electricity and make room for spending's in ways that can benefit your company.

Is Solar Energy Reliable Enough For My Small Business?

Solar is a reliable source of natural energy that anybody can use to power their home. Your solar systems reliability will depend on its location and the amount of sunlight your building typically gets. Solar energy is most effective in the summertime because there tends to be a lot more sun available for electricity generation However, this doesn’t mean that in the winter you won't be able to power your home, just that the amount of reliance on solar energy should be significantly reduced in the event of wet and windy weather conditions.

Businesses often decide to invest in battery storage as a solution to combat the loss of solar energy. The idea of battery storage is that it stores excess solar energy that is generated by your system in the daytime available for use when the sun is gone in and your solar system is unable to generate electricity. Another efficient way to utilize battery storage is by using it in the daytime on a day when there’s little sun, knowing you’ve got the flexibility to rely on your battery storage as a backup would be very handy.

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How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels work by converting the solar energy into dc electricity and then using your solar parts to transfer this into ac electricity that you can then use to power your business. For this to even happen first the solar panels must let the light particles hit the atoms and convert the energy, releasing the electrons from the atoms so the dc-ac conversion can take place.
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Can I Go Completely Off Grid With Solar Energy?

Solar energy means your self-sufficient and producing electricity without the need for public grid electrics. Most business owners will run partially off-grid using solar energy with a backup of power grid connectivity for when solar is unable to provide electricity to your building. However, to go completely off-grid would mean your entirely unconnected to the general power grid and generating all your electricity on your own without any help. This is viable but would mean you would require a secondary source of power supply in the times where your primary source of energy isn't available.

Therefore, most people with this idea would then purchase a battery storage device to do exactly that. With this comes weighing up whether going completely off-grid would be the most cost-effective idea because you're not just adding solar but you're adding on a battery storage device to this as well. For any small business that is looking to be independent and environmentally friendly, this could be an ideal option.

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How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

Commercial solar panels often have a warranty of 20-25 years. This doesn’t mean after this period of time your solar system will no longer work by any means, we've had various customers that find their solar system is still efficient after 25 years and works just fine, it does, however, mean after this amount of time you are no longer guaranteed protection for your solar panels. Solar systems on average have a 0.5%-1% annual deficiency which means even after 20 years of use your panel would still be over 80% efficient.
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Peimar Italian SG270 Panels

PEIMAR polycrystalline solar panels made in Italy provide customers with a perfect combination of high-efficiency and versatility. Thanks to the use of high-quality solar cells, our panels achieve outstanding performance and ensure maximum production output even under poor lighting and weather conditions. The strong yet ultra-light frames, available in silver or black make installation easy but robust in either residential, commercial or large-scale settings.

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The LG NeON® R is LG’s premier module armed with the highest and most efficient energy generation technology that LG has ever produced.

Solar panels for small business

JA 280 Poly Monos

JA Solar modules provide reliable quality and use PID- free components and all modules come with a 10 year product warranty on materials and workmanship, and a 25 years linear performance warranty. JA Solar offers its customers high quality products with higher than average efficiencies at a very good price to performance ratio.

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Poly & Mono-crystalline panels

Canadian Solar's high energy generation panels are constructed using 5-6 inch poly-crystalline and mono-crystalline cells which have been developed to make them suitable for use in all manner of applications; from domestic, residential properties and commercial sites to the more challenging demands of an extensive solar energy generation plant.

Commercial Solar Installs

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