Solar Panel Installation

If your looking to reduce your electricity consumption or improve your green credentials installing solar panels on your roof or choosing to install panels on a ground mount system are both great ways to lower your electricity bill and generate your own electricity for free.

Types Of Solar Panels

There are many types of solar panels available for your installation and we can provide the best panels to suit the job.

Solar Panel Installation

Depending on the size of installation the majority of domestic installations are completed in 1 -2 working days.
Solar panels work best on a south-facing roof, however, a roof facing south-west or southeast direction work as well, we don’t advise them to be installed on a north-facing roof as the amount of production will be very low.

Popular Solar Panel Installation Locations

The most popular place for solar panels to be installed is on the roof. Most rooftop installations require scaffolding. If you have any spare land the other option is a ground-mount system. Both types of installation will require a survey to determine if any trees or buildings are partially covering the panels

Low Maintenance

Solar panels require very little maintenance, we recommend an annual electrical inspection and yearly clean.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

Solar Panel Cost Saver

Over the past few years, the price of panels has significantly dropped and made the idea of installing solar panels more attractive. A typical 4kWp system costs around £5200 excluding scaffolding. On average a 4kWp system will save around £400 - £500 on electricity bills with a typical payback of four to seven years.

Depending on your roof size a typical three to four-bedroom house should accommodate a 4kW system or 16 standard panels. Systems greater than 4kW may require permission from the local distribution network operator which may also incur an additional cost. If your home has the roof space and the local grid operator can handle the additional capacity it is possible to install up to 10kWp.

Save On Solar At Empower

Having Solar panels installed on your home could save you a great deal of money on electricity bills and that’s just one of the great things about it. The energy solar provides is clean, natural and renewable energy so it not only benefits you but benefits the environment at the same time.

Here at Empower our main priority is to provide the highest quality service to our Customers from planning right through to commissioning and ensure the long-term opportunities solar offers you are worth every penny spent at Empower. Choosing us as your solar installers goes further than just installation. We offer a maintenance package so you can relax knowing your systems being closely monitored each day, whilst getting a yearly inspection and clean from our our expert team of engineers.

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Is My Home Right For A Solar System Installation?

We install solar to different size homes across the UK however, when installing solar you must bear in mind that solar is natural energy produced by the sun, therefore if your home is located in a particularly shady spot then your system is going to generate significantly less than a system located somewhere with better access to the sun.

Another thing to consider before starting your solar installation process is what type of facing roof you've got. South-facing roofs are ideal for solar because they tend to produce the most power, but solar can also work well with south-east and west facing roofs. This makes solar accessible to the majority of homes.

Solar Panel System Monitoring

Choosing to have solar panels installed on your home is a big decision to make so knowing you've got a monitoring system that constantly follows the progress of your solar systems panels as well as showing you a number of other useful things, such as how much energy your system is generating, when it's generating that energy and if there are any problems or faults with your system SolarEdge monitoring will put your mind at ease knowing your not in the dark.

What’s The Right Amount Of Solar Panels For My Home?

Each roof space is different so you really can’t compare what size you think you’ll need with anybody else’s size system because it can vary so much. There are factors that determine the number of panels you’ll need for your home include how much roof space your house has, the more accessible roof space you've got the more likely it is that you’ll need a bigger system, however, it also depends on the strength of your roof and the amount of electricity your household uses day to day. These are all factors that Empower will work out with you upon deciding to move forward with the process of your solar installation.

Solar Edge Inverters

An inverter is an important part of what makes up a solar system because it converts the DC electricity that solar panels generate into AC electricity with the purpose that the electricity generated can then be applied for everyday home uses such as watching TV, hoovering. A large number of people keep their inverters indoors so if this is a consideration for you, we advise keeping it in a cool, maintained area such as your garage where the temperature will accomadate the inverter perfectly allowing it to optimize power to the best of its ability.

How long does a typical solar installation take?

Most Domestic solar systems can be installed within 1-2 days, but a lot of our domestic installations don't take more than 1 day to complete.

Why Should I Choose Empower For My Solar Panel Installation?

The average property demands a great deal of electricity which can become a massive issue when your trying to save money. That’s why Solar Panels are the perfect solution to an infuriating problem. At Empower Energy we provide our customers with easy solar panel installation that could not only save your property significant amounts of money but turn your property into a desirable investment.

This is just the first reason why Solar Panels are essential for your home. After a quick and easy solar panel installation, we continue to deliver, offering a top-quality maintenance package so you can carry on saving money while our team of expert engineers keep your panels clean and keep your system maintained. Choosing Empower for your Solar panel installation project could make solar your smartest investment yet.

Instant Solar Panel Benefits

  • Natural and clean renewable energy source
  • Serious Energy bill reductions
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Minimize your carbon footprint
  • Long-term investment

How Can Solar Panels Protect My UK Property?

We Install Solar Panels for domestic homes large and small all over the UK. With over 14 years’ experience fitting top-quality solar panels for clients across the country, we know that solar is the leading way to bring down your electricity bills instantly. This is just one of the many ways solar can help protect your property. Solar is a renewable energy source that produces natural energy from sunlight without damaging our environment. Solar is all about being green and here at Empower we make it our main priority to ensure our clients benefit from the advantages solar offers.

Are Solar Panels worth it?

Yes, Solar Panels have a positive impact on the environment whilst generating savings on your electricity bills solar could become your smartest investment.

Does the size of my home effect my chance of solar panels installation?

No, we install solar panels of all sizes to big and small propertys all over the UK.

Will my property profit from solar?

Yes, your property could majorly profit from installing solar.

Will I need planning permission for my solar panel installation?

In some cases, you may need planning permission before your solar installation, but this will depend on the location of your property as to whether you do or not.

Why choose Empower to install your property's solar panels?

Empower have over 14 years’ experience fitting and installing domestic solar panel systems for clients across the UK. As nationwide solar specialists we ensure our customers needs are satisfied right through from planning to commissioning.

Domestic Solar Installations

Empower Energy Ltd can take care of every part of the solar PV panel installation for you right from the initial survey to helping with the forms to your electricity supplier.

The whole process is very straightforward, causes minimal disruption, and is often completed right through from scaffold erection to being signed off in less than a week.

We can organise the scaffolding, our specialised roofers fit the supports and our team of highly experienced fitters and electricians fit the panels and do the internal electrical work.

You can rest assured of a courteous, prompt and professional service. We are also fully insured so you can feel safe in the knowledge that in the unlikely event of an accident we are completely liable for and damage.

The Devil Is Really In The Detail

We use PV sol EXPERT advanced planning software to get the very best from your installation before we even touch a single cable. This helps us take into account every variable that could impact on the performance of your system both now, and in the future. It helps us with problems such as:

  • Define the extent to which roof objects could cause shading.
  • Calculate shade frequency distribution for each individual module with millimetre precision to optimise panel placement.
  • Precisely customise surrounding objects with great accuracy to give you a complete and accurate picture of your solar setup.
  • Produce a 3D animation of shading over a day or a year.

Domestic Case Studies

Why Choose Empower Energy For Your Solar Panel Investment

Empower are MSC approved solar PV installers, drawing on 25 years experience within the electrical engineering sector, providing our customers with the highest quality products and services backed up by unrivalled Customer service. Our speciality is bespoke client solutions tailored to our customer's needs.

Recent Domestic Solar Installs

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