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Upgrade Your Commercial Solar System - Online Monitoring And Increase Your PV Production By Up To 25%

Since 2010 many commercial installations of Solar Photovoltaic Systems have been installed in the UK, some installations have been installed incorrectly due to the rush at that time with poor workmanship and inferior products. We are receiving many phone calls from solar owners who are concerned that their systems have been under performing since installed, in some cases their existing installer is no longer in business and they don’t know which way to turn.

At Empower Energy we have been installing SolarEdge Commercial retrofits as an upgrade to their current system with free full online monitoring allowing the Client to understand the performance of the system in real time. Our Commercial retrofit upgrade inverters come with a standard product warranty of 20 years which means youll be covered for your entire feed in tariff period.

Over 1000 Satisfied Customers
And Over 30MW Of Solar Installed

Empower Energy has now installed over 30MW of solar on Commercial sectors with over 1000 satisfied Customers. Empower Energy have been installing SolarEdge equipment for many years and are a service partners for SolarEdge.

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    Upgrade Your Commercial System To SolarEdge

    How Can I Benefit from A Commercial Solar Upgrade?

    A significant number of people have an under performing or faulty inverter that needs upgrading to a more efficient inverter that performs to a high standard without any failures. We regularly get customers turning to us after they’ve had an inverter installed with a different company only to find they end up getting inverter failures because of the problems their system has.

    Another common problem that typically decreases the function of an inverter is its age. This is due to older inverters performances being restricted which can reduce the overall production of the panels. Upgrading to Solar Edge means you’ll be getting the maximum efficiency out of your system without having to worry that if one panel is shaded it will affect the energy the rest of the panels produce.

    Traditional Inverter

    • MPPT per entire string - all modules receive the same current, regardless of their individual MPP
    • Weak modules reduce the performance of all modules in the string or are bypassed
    • Power losses due to module mismatch

    SolarEdge Inverter

    • 25 year warranty
    • Superior safety
    • Increased energy
    • Maximum optimization
    • Full roof utilisation
    Commercial solar inverters

    What’s Good About The Solar Edge Monitoring System?

    Solar Edge Monitoring is an intelligent system that keeps you updated with how your solar is performing and how much energy and power your system is generating over a period of time. The monitoring system allows you to compare previous months or years energy amounts through the comparative energy chart.

    The monitoring system allows you to see environmental benefits of solar energy through producing energy. An added Bonus of the advanced monitoring system is its ability to detect if there’s a fault with the system so you won’t ever be in the dark.

    Monitoring Benefits Broken Down

    • 100% Economic and Technical production visibility
    • Free For 25 Years
    • Opportunities for social sharing and access to public display.
    • Remote troubleshooting and access to real-time system data and guided root-cause fault analysis
    • Easy access from a computer, smartphone, or tablet
    • Automatic alerts on system issues
    • Comprehensive site-level and fleet-level reporting and analysis tools with an option to schedule automatic reports and export reports

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    Is My Building Suitable For A Commercial Solar Panels PV System?

    There are many contributing factors to a systems’ effectiveness, such as location, angle, shading etc. By far the best way to check is to have one of our experienced commercial solar surveyors visit you personally and prepare a no obligation report and quotation. Not only will this highlight your system options, it will also show the estimated generation that you can expect from your system based on accurate details prior to installation, instead of averages and ‘best case’ figures.

    What Will My Commercial Solar Panels PV System Look Like ?

    We’ve installed hundreds of commercial solar panel systems of every size and will tailor a tried and tested solution with the minimum impact to your business. Installations can take as little as one day and you’ll notice immediate changes to your bills.

    Free Module-Level Monitoring For System Lifetime

    We supply our Clients with advanced commercial solar monitoring software to keep track of your system's performance. Wherever you are in the world, the platform can be accessed through the internet via your smart phone, ensuring you keep up to date with your systems performance.

    • Real-time full insight to system from anywhere
    • Easy access via web browser and mobile device
    • Remote monitoring and data logging
    • Generation and export meter remote monitoring
    • Email and text alerts

    Future Compatibility & Warranty

    We only use approved, high quality components, from tier-one panels, the highest efficiency inverters and right down to the nuts and bolts. This means that your commercial solar system will perform to its maximum potential for years to come.

    • 12-year warranty as standard
    • Upgradable software as technology develops
    • Flexible design allows modules of different power classes and brands in the same string
    • Lifetime free monitoring
    • 25-year power optimiser warranty

    SolarEdge Safety & Monitoring Interface

    Safe DC

    The SolarEdge Safety & Monitoring Interface provides the benefits of module-level safety and monitoring for systems using a non-SolarEdge inverters.

    The interface unit collects module performance data measured by each power optimizer and transmits the data to the SolarEdge monitoring server to allow for module-level and system-wide monitoring. It activates the SafeDC™ feature of the power optimizers, which automatically shuts down module DC voltage during AC power shutdown, for safe installation, maintenance and firefighting. This provides multiple advantages when adding SolarEdge power optimizers to existing installations. The Safety and Monitoring Interface can be added at any stage to an existing installation that has SolarEdge power optimizers.

    The Safety and Monitoring Interface is compatible with a wide range of non-SolarEdge inverters, certified for outdoor installation and is easy to install.

    • Module-level monitoring
    • Module safety DC voltage for installer, maintenance and firefighter safety
    • Mobile and web-based module performance monitoring
    • Communication via RS232, RS485 or Ethernet
    • IP65/NEMA 4 - Outdoor installation
    Commercial Solar Upgrade inverter
    Commercial solar monitoring

    SolarEdge Inverters - Smart Energy Solutions

    Every hour, more energy is produced by the Sun than all of us in the world could use in a whole year — clean, limitless, free energy. SolarEdge helps you harvest this energy to power your home. Solar photovoltaic (PV) modules, capture, and convert sunlight into clean DC (direct current) electricity. A solar inverter converts the DC electricity into grid compliant AC (alternating current) that powers your home.

    Traditional PV Inverters

    Traditional PV systems consist of PV modules wired together in a series, much like Christmas tree lights. If a single module underperforms for any reason (cloud-cover, dust or dirt for example), the rest of the modules on that string also underperform, reducing energy production across the whole string.

    The SolarEdge PV Solution

    In a SolarEdge installation, each PV module is connected to an intelligent electronic chip called a power optimizer. Power optimizers maximize solar energy production from each module separately and therefore reduce power losses. If an individual module underperforms, it won’t affect the performance of any of the other modules in the string. Every SolarEdge system further benefits from advanced monitoring that tracks and reports the performance of every module, and exceptional safety features. A suite of integrated smart energy solutions further maximize your energy production and energy savings.

    SolarEdge Technology

    By using SolarEdge power optimisers each panel works independently and if one panel looses performance, the whole system isn't affected.
    Utilizing SolarEdge technology could boost your systems performance by up to 25%.

    Commercial Solar House Upgrade

    24/7 Online Monitoring

    SolarEdge Technology also provide 24 /7 monitoring so you can check your panels on a daily basis through your pc, tablet or phone.
    Empower Energy have been upgrading solar PV systems in the UK. With over 1000 satisfied customers and over 30MW of solar installed.

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