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Carport Solutions

Empower Energy offer a full turnkey design and installation package. Carports in general are bespoke in design and manufactured to our clients specifications, Solar carports come with many different benefits depending on your requirements.

For example, some designs are best suited for paid parking areas where clients have limited parking facilities.

We can design to any specification that our clients request, whether this is a basic frame design or a more detailed design which may include guttering, led lighting with motion detection control and CCTV.

With over 17,000 parking facilities in the UK and the sector generating £1.5 billion per annum. Solar carports can enhance the car-parking experience in several ways, as well as improving the economic and environmental performance of the asset.

Solutions & Benefits

If your short on space or have car park spacing you want to utilise, a solar carport structure is the ideal way to generate energy for your building or EV charge points. Each installation is designed on an individual basis to make sure all the spaces are still usable while maximising their solar capacity.

  • Additional roof space for generating electricity that can be used onsite.
  • Financial benefits | benefit for reduced energy bills and government subsidy's
  • Reduced CO2 output | enhances your CSR and green credentials
  • Electric vehicle charging | option to connect EV chargers for staff and visitors, to charge their electric vehicles.
  • Staff & visitor benefits, in addition to the above, solar carports can also protect cars from the elements and keep staff and visitors sheltered when getting out of their vehicles.


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