Solar Carport Solutions

Empower Energy offer a full turnkey design and installation package. Carport, in general, are bespoke in design and manufactured to our Clients specifications

Empower Energy offer a full turnkey design and installation package. Carports in general are bespoke in design and manufactured to our clients specifications. Solar carports can be designed to your exact specification.

We can design to any specification that our clients request, from a basic frame design to a more detailed design with guttering and LED lighting with motion detection control and CCTV. There are over 17,000 parking facilities in the UK and the sector generates £1.5 billion per annum.

Who Can Use Solar Carports?

At Empower we complete various domestic and commercial solar installations across the country. From small 1 car solar carports to commercial solar carports for large car parks, we know that solar is a a profitable and intelligent investment for your property. One of the incredible benefits of solar systems is their flexibility to be used in several different ways by almost anybody looking for a reliable power supply that accomadates customers with shelter at the same time.

Solar carports make sense. Their practicality from both a commercial and domestic side is what makes them so popular to people trying to find a solution to a problem that appears impossible to solve in a space that seems as if its possibilities are limited. Often customers are interested in solar but are unable to have it installed on their building's roof due to the shortage of space their building provides. Carports give properties like this the ability to generate solar and turn an unproductive area into a dependable asset.

How Much Does A Solar Carport Cost?

Prices of solar carports can differ depending on the size of the structure you require and the type of panels you’re interested in purchasing. We install carports ranging from one car space areas to large scale car parks so the difference in cost can vary significantly. We appreciate you want an idea of how much its going to cost you before making any big decisions, fill out our contact form or get in contact to discuss it further with our team.

Can Carports Have Multiple uses?

Carports are particularly useful in the winter when it's wet and windy, there’s nothing worse than having to run to your car trying to keep away from the rain as best as you can, installing a solar carport means you can avoid this altogether.

I bet you’ve never thought about using carports as anything other than shade for your car and a natural electricity generator. But carports don’t have to be used just for these purposes, a domestic carport could be used as a storage space or even act as an alternative for a garage.

Why A Solar Carport Over A Normal Canopy?

Having a solar carport installed instead of a regular canopy gives you endless opportunities and allows you to run your carport exactly the way you want it. With possibilities to save money and use a natural, green energy source, with additional accessibility to car charging, solar car ports are a no brainer for anybody looking to invest.

  • Ability to earn back money you've spent
  • save on energy bills
  • Reliable Power source
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

How Can A Solar Carport Impact My Car Park?

Solar car park canopies are designed to provide an aesthetically pleasing yet efficient solution for what otherwise would be unproductive space. Solar car park canopies ensure cars can be sheltered from various weather conditions whilst also giving EV charging accessibility to electrical vehicles so you can stay dry with the opportunity to fuel your car at the same time. There are countless environmental benefits to car park canopies not to mention the visual aspect of them, turning a dull car park into a public attraction.

Why Choose Empower?

At Empower our priority is ensuring each and every installation we complete meets our customers standards and they walk away satisfied. We recognise it’s hard to find a company that you trust and can rely on to deliver high standards time after time. Our specialist team have over 15 years’ experience in the electrical engineering sector providing top of the market products and giving clients the quality customer service that’s hard to find anywhere else. We take pride in all of our work and want to share this with as many customers as possible. To see our recent commercial solar installs case studies

Solutions & Benefits

The carport structures are the ideal addition to generate energy for either electric cars or to be used for nearby businesses. We understand the value of these spaces and so it’s important to us that they retain their original function. It’s why we design and calculate each project on an individual basis to make sure that all the spaces are still usable while maximising their solar capacity.

  • Additional roof space | for generating electricity that can be used onsite
  • Financial benefits| benefit from reduced energy bills and government subsidy
  • Reduced CO2 output | enhances your CSR and green credentials
  • Electric vehicle charging | option to connect EV chargers for staff and visitors to charge their electric
  • Staff & visitor benefits | in addition to the above, solar carports canopies also protect cars from the elements and keep staff and visitors sheltered when getting out of their vehicle and walking to site

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