Solar Car Park Canopies - Transform Your Car Park

Empower Energy offer a full turnkey design and installation package. Carports in general are bespoke in design and manufactured to our clients specifications. Solar carports can be designed to your exact specification.

We can design a carport to any specification that our clients request.

Solar Carport Car Parking

What Is A Solar Carport ?

Solar carports are slightly tilted structures, that are fixed into to the ground with the purpose of providing shade through an extended sunshade cover. The canopy is covered in solar panels which can be utilised to charge a vehicle or use the power elsewhere.

Why Solar Carports Are Beneficial For Everyone Involved

Solar Is a large part of our future making everyday life greener and more environmentally friendly for everyone involved whilst also offering financial, personal and environmental benefits for customers at the same time. Solar carports are paving the way for fresh and stylish car parks turning driving into a blissful experience rather than an inconvenient hassle. With EV charging opportunities the ability to connect your electrical vehicle up, generate electricity and re fuel on the go makes the idea of a solar carport worth your while.

As well as acting as a convenient electric fuelling station carport’s have the added benefits of protecting all vehicles throughout horrendous weather conditions. Whether its windy pouring down with rain or you just want your vehicle sheltered from the burning hot carports provide your vehicle with the perfect amount of shade, so worrying about whether conditions can be a problem of the past.

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    How To Maintain My Solar System

    Fortunately for you, carports require minimal maintenance so other than the initial installation fees there isn’t a lot else you'll need to think about in terms of the financial side of things. However, we appreciate you want to keep your solar investment maintained and regularly make sure there are no faults or problems with it.

    That’s why at Empower we offer an outstanding maintenance package for our customers so they can rest easy knowing their system is working how it should and they're never in the dark. If you sign up to our maintenance package our team of engineers will annually come out to you and clean your system whilst they’ll also take the time to check everything is working how it should be, and in the unlikely event, your system has an issue our team will cooperate with you to make sure the problems are fixed quickly and efficiently. So you can go back to growing your investment whilst we make sure your satisfied.

    Benefits Of Solar Carports Broken Down

    • Generate your own electricity through your solar carport
    • Reduce your carbon footprint by using green, renewable energy instead
    • EV charging availability on the go for electric vehicles.
    • Shelter from bad whether conditions and shade from the sun
    • Car protection

    We Install Commercial Solar Across The UK

    How Can Canopies Transform My Car Park?

    Solar carpark canopies are designed to provide an aesthetically pleasing yet efficient solution for what otherwise would be unproductive space. Solar car park canopies ensure cars can be sheltered from various weather conditions whilst also giving EV charging accessibility to electrical vehicles so you can stay dry with the opportunity to fuel your car at the same time. There are countless environmental benefits to car park canopies not to mention the visual aspect of them, turning a dull car park into a public attraction.

    Why Choose Empower?

    At Empower our priority is ensuring each and every installation we complete meets our customers standards and they walk away satisfied. We recognise it’s hard to find a company that you trust and can rely on to deliver high standards time after time. Our specialist team have over 15 years’ experience in the electrical engineering sector providing top of the market products and giving clients the quality customer service that’s hard to find anywhere else. We take pride in all of our work and want to share this with as many customers as possible.

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    How Do Solar Carports Help The Environment?

    Solar is a green renewable source of energy that converts beams from the sun into usable electricity that can be utilise power for public purposes. By generating your own power your doing your bit to help protect the environment and as an added bonus your getting several benefits out of your own from it.

    What Is The Price Of A Commercial Solar Carport?

    The price of solar carports vary depending on the size structure you require. The difference between a small-scale car park compared to a larger commercial car park could be significantly different. The more panels needed for your solar panels system the more you'll look at paying. However, with a bigger structure system comes more opportunities to generate electricity and make a larger impact. With opportunities to install EV charging stations, larger carports can come in handy facilitating a greater number of them then a smaller carport would. To find out more fill in our contact form or get in touch with our team.

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