Protect Your Solar Investment

Why Choose Empower Energy ?

Since 2010 the solar energy market has seen many businesses come and go. Quick to coin in on the solar frenzy while the going was good and then shutting up shop to leave customers in the dark as the demand slowed.

We’re proud to say we’ve been there from the start. With a healthy background as electricians, branching in to the solar market in 2010 where we are still supplying new and maintaining our existing customers systems today

Whats Included ?

Our professional teams provide a full electrical test as well as inspecting and cleaning the panels. Our long-reach cleaning systems use de-ionised water for a cleaner, streak-free finish. The removal of bird droppings and foliage ensures the panels are collecting optimum sunlight. We’ll provide a yearly System Efficiency Report at the end for you to keep with your records.

Yearly Payment


  • Payment By Credit / Debit Card
  • Free Engineer Callouts
  • Yearly Electrical Testing & Inspection
  • Yearly De-ionised panel cleaning
  • Remote monitoring & data logging
  • 12 Month Contract

For More Information On Our Solar Maintenance,
Please Contact Us On 01425 461 461