Pigeon Netting For Solar Panels

Specialist Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing & Bird Protection Stop Pigeons Or Any Other Vermin Nesting Under Your Solar Panels

Solar Pigeon Netting

Birds can be a real issue when it comes to solar panels. They are leaving the panels with a number of problems such as pigeon droppings, a build-up of dirt affecting the solar panel power, the actual structure of the panels being damaged and therefore reducing their ability to work properly. Understandably this can be very frustrating when you’ve spent hard-earned money on a valuable piece of equipment only for it to be damaged by a bird.

Fortunately, that’s where we come in. Our expert team of engineers in Bournemouth install solar pigeon mesh which acts as a barrier to birds trying to get under your solar rays or anywhere else. Pigeon meshing is useful to anybody with solar panels installed because whether it’s on your personal property or business building birds will get in anywhere if they can.

Solar Pigeon Netting Installation

Installation all starts with our highly qualified team in Bournemouth. First they will evaluate your panels and remove any dirt, bird droppings or dead birds in the panels followed by cleaning out the panels if required to ensure a smooth installation with no further corrosion. Once this is completed we will measure up the mesh calculate the clips needed for the number of panels you have. In addition to this, we will successfully fit our top-quality mesh netting into your property.

Bird Solar Netting Options

There are multiple different methods available to use for keeping birds away from your property including methods such as netting , which prevents the birds from nesting on the panels/ in the equipment. Another common bird proofing technique is the bird mesh designed to keep birds away from your property by closing any entries for them to nest in.

We believe this is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of any bird issues. Bird deterrents used vary from bird spikes which are harmless to the birds but prevents them from landing on the panels and causing any damage to your property. An electric shock is another harmless bird deterrent used to prevent birds from getting in your panels or landing on them. They work by scaring off the birds with an electric shock that is not dangerous to the birds but stops their presence.

Nesting Birds Under Solar Panels

Solar panels and pigeons are a common sight on rooftops around Bournemouth and the rest of the UK, solar panels have become an ideal nesting environment for them. Pigeons nesting under solar panels have become a nationwide problem, Typically bird droppings can reduce the efficiency of a panel by up to 30% which can affect your overall yield particularly if you don't have SolarEdge inverters fitted.

Solar Panel Bird Netting Installers

At Empower we have installed pigeon netting for numerous customers in Bournemouth with great success. Our installers use commercial grade netting which is much more strong and robust than conventional chicken wire, that pest control company's often use.

Pigeon Netting Benefits

  • Ensure your property/building is secure and safe.
  • Cost-effective
  • Protects the structure of your panels from any damage
  • Easy to install

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