Pigeon Netting For Solar Panels

Specialist Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing & Bird Protection Stop Pigeons Or Any Other Vermin Nesting Under Your Solar Panels

Why Do I Need Pigeon Netting For Solar Panels?

Solar panels and pigeons are a common sight on rooftops around the UK, solar panels have become an ideal nesting environment for them. Pigeons nesting under solar panels has become a nationwide problem, Typically bird droppings can reduce the efficiency of a panel by up to 30% which can affect your overall yield particularly if you don't have SolarEdge inverters fitted. Pigeon netting is used to prevent Pigeons from using the solar panels on your roof to nest in. We advise anyone who has solar panels to have pigeon netting installed as a barrier against a reoccurring problem.

The spaces under Solar panels make it the perfect place for pigeons to take refuge. This can cause a host of problems, particularly pigeon droppings damaging the wiring and the build of dirt on the panels which will affect the overall system production. Understandably this can be very frustrating from both a health and financial point of view.

Fortunately, that’s where we come in. Our expert team of engineers regularly install pigeon meshing for clients. Its the perfect solution to stop birds from nesting under your panels. We normally find the birds move on once they realise they have lost their warm dry shelter.

Pigeon netting for solar panels

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    Why Do Pigeons Nest Under Solar Panels?

    Pigeons tend to nest under any shelter so as you can imagine they’re particularly fond of solar panels. Unfortunately, the more panels your system contains the more birds your solar system is likely to attract. This will take its toll on your system whether its immediate damage or lack of functionality over time. If a pigeon continues to nest in your panels it will aventually stop your panels from working efficiently and in some cases working at all. Not just that but the amount of diseases and dirt birds carry will make your system incredibly unhygienic if nothing else.

    Why Choose Empower For Your Pigeon Netting Installation?

    At Empower we have installed pigeon netting for numerous customers with great success. Our installers use commercial grade netting which is much more strong and robust than conventional chicken wire, that pest control company often uses.

    What Problems Do Pigeons Cause?

    • Dirt and Lack of hygiene to your system
    • Damage to the structure of your solar panels
    • Stop your system functioning
    • Corrosion

    Bird Proofing Methods

    Keeping your garden area clean ensuring no rubbish is left around will help to prevent birds because there's less for them to pick at. There are other official methods including bird spikes that can be installed acting as a similar type of barrier as the mesh but instead using sharp spikes to scare them off. However, we think using experts to install bird netting is the most efficient solution out of all the methods avaliable, getting rid of the problem without causing harm.

    Solar Pigeon Meshing Installation

    Our team of engineers will remove any nests etc from underneath the panels. Once this is completed we will fit our genuine pigeon meshing which is clipped to directly to the panels rather than glued like a lot of solar panel meshing installations.

    Pigeon Meshing Benefits

    • Ensure your property/building is secure and safe.
    • Cost-effective
    • Protects the structure of your panels from any damage
    • Easy to install

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