OptiVision LED Gen 2 Sports Field Lighting

Recreational Sports Field & Area Lighting

The OptiVision gen 2 family includes a wide range of dedicated optics and beams, its ideally suited for football pitches and sports areas. There are three different versions available, basic, smart and advanced.

Outstanding Light Efficiency
When it comes to efficiency, Optivision LED gen2 is a step ahead of the competition. Excellent spill light control, limited glare, negligible upward leakage of light... all translate into a highly efficient, cost-effective performance. Maximum and constant light output with effective thermal management extend product lifetime and minimise maintenance costs, reducing the overhead cost.

Future Proof
An investment in lighting infrastructure has to be safe and secure for years, if not decades. OptiVision LED gen2 offers an attractive Return on investment, as well as state of the art features and control capabilities that lead to significant cost savings. One example is the DALI driver box, which enables easy connection to a lighting system and increases energy savings too. The affordability of LED combined with OptiVision LED gen2's sustainable design and use of recyclable materials, makes it the smart choice for area and recreational sports lighting.

Easy to install and maintain
Available in narrow, medium and wide beams, the OptiVision LED gen 2 is easy to install and will be up and running quickly. Key reasons are the absence of complex wiring between the drive box and luminaire, the low total weight of the complete system, and flexible mounting solutions with the new IP66 driver box.

Improve Sustainability

  • Reduce carbon footprint to support environmental initiatives
  • Limit light pollution with advanced LED floodlight performance
  • Increase the opportunity for sports with bright, energy-efficient LED lighting

Flexibility - Both In Terms Of Application And User Needs

High Level Of Efficiency Both In Terms of Cost & Performance

Future Proof

Easy To Install And Maintain

Optivision LED Generation

OptiVision LED gen2 offers different optical distributions for total flexibility: four asymmetrical and four symmetrical beams. It provides good control of glare and spill light of asymmetrical beams at 15° to 40° tilt. An optional integrated louvre for asymmetrical optics further controls and limits spill light.

  • OptiVision LED Basic
    is the ideal solution for smaller areas and is highly affordable. It does not offer network control, and its energy saving potential is limited.
  • OptiVision LED Smart
    uses dimming schedules to make energy savings, without major infrastructure changes. The DALI interface enables network control.
  • OptiVision LED Advanced
    is the top of the range and extends dimming to the floodlight group and manual lights. Greater energy savings are possible.


  • 1. Housing / Heatsink
    in moulded aluminium; finishing in raw aluminium (optionally painted or coated for marine salt protection and swimming pool applications as per customer request)
  • 2. LED light modules
    equipped with either asymmetrical or symmetrical optics (optionally)
  • 3. Aluminium molded electrical connection box
    enabling wiring between floodlight and external driver box (not relevant to HGB-driver box attached to floodlight version, pre-cabled by the factory)
  • 4. Optic lens and cover
    in UV protected PC
  • 5. Heat sink in aluminium
    finishing always black coated
  • 6. Mounting bracket in molded aluminium;
    finishing in raw aluminium (painted when MSP or SWP version chosen)
  • 7. End caps
    hiding the bolts for floodlight tilting (on either side) and the slot hole for horizontal adjustment of the bracket


  • 1. Housing / Heatsink
  • 2. Cover to access terminals

    for electrical connections

  • 3. Bottom cover
    is fixed with screws and sealed IP66, so must never be opened by the installer/customer
  • 4. Key slot
    at 4 corners for M6 fixation screws
  • 5. 1xM20 DALI control
  • 6. 1xM25 output to LED modules
  • 7. 1xM25 Mains
  • 8. Cable glands
    are protected
  • 9. Retainable cover screws/div>
  • 10 Suspension hook (for floodlight BV version)

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