OptiVision LED Perfect Play LED System

Lighting System For Recreational Sports

For recreational sports locations, Optivision LED generation 3.5 can be connected to PerfectPlay. This is an easy to use, dedicated system for remote management of both indoor and outdoor recreational sports facility lighting.

PerfectPlay Panel
This is the simplest option and consists of a panel of six buttons in the clubhouse or control room, which offer different levels of field illumination depending on the type of sport being played. The buttons turn lights on or off or dim them according to pre-programmed light settings.

PerfectPlay Tablet
this is designed for sport facilities with multiple fields, and allows the lighting to be controlled remotely via a large format tablet that can be either wall mounted or used on the go. Even fields with conventional lighting can be controlled . Like the PerfectPlay Panel, it offers pre-programmed lighting levels and scenarios.

PerfectPlay Remote
this is a web interface designed to manage multiple sites and sports centres remotely. The dashboard displays information such as which fields are occupied and when the last training ends. it also monitors the performance of the lighting system, looking at energy consumption, system failures, abnormal operating conditions, and switch off moments. Tailor made reports can be created to help manage budgets and operational efficiency.

Flexibility - Both In Terms Of Application And User Needs

High Level Of Efficiency Both In Terms of Cost & Performance

Future Proof

Easy To Install And Maintain

Cost-effective, sustainable, and smart

Philips offers the latest high-efficiency LED sports, lighting floodlights, providing a complete lighting solution communicating via the PerfectPlay control system, for the smallest through to the most complex outdoor sports facilities.

Sports Field Lighting


Tennis Court Lighting


Industrial Lighting


Perfect Play


  • 1. Housing / Heatsink
    in moulded aluminium; finishing in raw aluminium (optionally painted or coated for marine salt protection and swimming pool applications as per customer request)
  • 2. LED light modules
    equipped with either asymmetrical or symmetrical optics (optionally)
  • 3. Aluminium molded electrical connection box
    enabling wiring between floodlight and external driver box (not relevant to HGB-driver box attached to floodlight version, pre-cabled by the factory)
  • 4. Optic lens and cover
    in UV protected PC
  • 5. Heat sink in aluminium
    finishing always black coated
  • 6. Mounting bracket in molded aluminium;
    finishing in raw aluminium (painted when MSP or SWP version chosen)
  • 7. End caps
    hiding the bolts for floodlight tilting (on either side) and the slot hole for horizontal adjustment of the bracket


  • 1. Housing / Heatsink
  • 2. Cover to access terminals
    for electrical connections
  • 3. Bottom cover
    is fixed with screws and sealed IP66, so must never be opened by the installer/customer
  • 4. Key slot
    at 4 corners for M6 fixation screws
  • 5. 1xM20 DALI control
  • 6. 1xM25 output to LED modules
  • 7. 1xM25 Mains
  • 8. Cable glands
    are protected
  • 9. Retainable cover screws
  • 10 Suspension hook (for floodlight BV version)

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