OptiVision LED Gen 3.5 Sports Lighting

Recreational Sports & Area Lighting

The Philips OptiVision LED gen3.5 floodlighting system provides a complete lighting solution for all sizes of sport grounds.

Each Philips OptiVision LED light comes with a single piece die cast housing, providing 2 and 3 LED engines which also operate with an external driver box – separate for use at a distance from the floodlight (BV), or prefixed onto the mounting bracket of the floodlight (HGB) for ease of installation and lower initial cost. It goes above and beyond to meet the highest performance standards and delivers outstanding light quality, and ensure safety and visual comfort for players and spectators.

OptiVision LED gen3.5 offers new possibilities to reduce energy consumption and increase flexibility (instant start, programmable lighting levels) when used in conjunction with Philips’ advanced system controls and sensors. The floodlights are also compatible with other external control systems via DALI protocol.

Optimise Operations

  • Control The Lighting Easily
    to provide light when and where you need it.
  • Streamline maintenance
    with monitoring that shows outages throughout the facility
  • Reduce energy consumption
    with energy-efficient LED lighting, scheduling, and controls

Enhance Experience

  • Clear, uniform LED lighting
    Increases comfort and well-being
  • Improve visibility, safety, and comfort
    for athletes and spectators
  • Create a unique ambience
    To complement various activities with flexible lighting

Improve Sustainability

  • Reduce carbon footprint
    To support environmental initiatives
  • Limit light pollution
    With advanced LED floodlight performance
  • Increase the opportunity for sports
    With bright, energy-efficient LED lighting

Why Choose Empower as Your LED Installers?

As a team Empower has been installing led illuminations for various sports facilities around the UK for over 15 years. So, we know exactly what works best for each venture as well as exactly how to make certain every part of the instalment procedure goes as efficiently as you will anticipate. Our entire team work hard to make your visions take place and transform your sports facilities into areas you can be proud of.

At Empower our company source our clients with top of the market-led illumination products by Philips. Our team believe while counting on the best out of athletes it’s only fair you give them the best opportunity in return by producing enduring, high productivity led illumination. Each of our products are exclusively picked to exceed the expectations of lighting fixtures taking it to a whole new degree of magnitude. Whether it’s a tennis court or an ice hockey rink our experts supply the ideal sort of illumination for all situations so whatever it is you can rely on us to ensure you are provided with lights that benefit you and your sports facilities.

What Are The Benefits Of LED's?

LED lights are becoming increasingly popular on todays market for one reason. They are reliable. Often people think that getting standard lights are better because they’re not as expensive and therefore must be a better investment than LED lights. That’s where people can be massively miss understood about LED's.

Cost-effective, sustainable, and smart

Philips offers the latest high-efficiency LED sports, lighting floodlights, providing a complete lighting solution communicating via the PerfectPlay control system, for the smallest through to the most complex outdoor sports facilities.

Optivision LED Generation 3.5

OptiVision LED gen3.5 offers a wide range of optics to ensure maximum optical efficiency and enable highly precise light distribution with minimum spill light . 0-tilt allows for low sCx value for projects that want to re-use installed pole structures to minimize required investment. The 0 tilt option further increases comfort whilst minimising complaints on light trespass from residents.

  • OptiVision LED Basic
    is the ideal solution for smaller areas and is highly affordable. It does not offer network control, and its energy saving potential is limited.
  • OptiVision LED Smart
    uses dimming schedules to make energy savings, without major infrastructure changes. The DALI interface enables network control.
  • OptiVision LED Advanced
    is the top of the range and extends dimming to the floodlight group and manual lights. Greater energy savings are possible.

The Latest Gen 4 Different Versions

Optivision Gen3.5 Large

Optivision Gen3.5 Large

Optivision Gen3.5 Small

Optivision Gen3.5 Small


  • 1. Housing
    Single piece pressure die cast housing, with a protection level of IP66 against dust and water
  • 2. Single High-power driver
    with IP66 protection pressure die cast housing and 10kV surge protection
  • 3. Electrical connection box Of BVP517
    floodlight with cable gland and push-in terminals enabling electrical connection to driver box
  • 4. Optic lens and cover
    in UV protected PC
  • 5. Wide range of ambient temperature tolerance
    making it suitable for a variety of sports and area lighting applications
  • 6. Option to add additional accessories
    to have the best in class spill light, 0 tilt, glare and up-light control
  • 7. Programmable DALI Driver
    making it suitable to connect to lighting management systems like Interact Sports

Product Details

Product Wattage Lamp Luminous Flux Color Temperature
BVP528 2200/757 BV A35-WB D9 T25 50K
495 63840 4000
VP651 LED750-4S/740 OFA52 ALU PSU
1500 194714 5700
BVP528 2200/740 BV A35-WB D9 T25 50K
1500 194714 4000
BVP528 2040/757 BV A35-WB D9 T25 100K
1340 180997 5700
BVP528 2040/740 BV A35-WB D9 T25 100K
1340 180997 4000
BVP528 2200/740 BV A35-WB D9 T15 LO 100K
1500 158091 4000
BVP528 2200/740 BV A35-NB D9 T15 LO 100K
1500 132883 4000
BVP528 2040/740 BV A35-WB D9 T25 LO 100K
1340 144848.7 4000
BVP528 2040/740 BV A35-NB D9 T25 LO 100K
1340 121752.1 4000
BVP528 2070/730 BV A35-WB D9 T15 LO 100K
1500 147011.5 3000
BVP528 2070/730 BV A35-NB D9 T15 LO 100K
1500 123570.1 3000
BVP518 1480/757 BV A35-WB D9 T25 50K
1000 129809 5700
BVP518 1480/740 BV A35-WB D9 T25 50K
1000 129809 4000
BVP518 1360/757 BV A35-WB D9 T25 100K
895 119487 5700

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