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The Empower Energy Team Pilot First Self-Sustainable Home in New Forest

We’re delighted to announce our piloting of the first self-sustainable home in the New Forest, Dorset. Our specialists in renewable energy have employed the latest technologies available in the field, to design and build the home capable of generating its own sustainable electricity and heating supplies. As an International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) area, the New Forest is the ideal place to set up the efficient home, owned by our Managing Director, Ryan McShea; it demonstrates our expertise in renewable energy and our environmental commitment to a sustainable living.

To create this one-of-a-kind New Forest home, the Empower team installed a number of our renewable solutions, contributing to a significant percentage of its energy demands. One of these solutions was to implement a thermodynamic hot water system, a new generation technology that utilises an air source heat pump to provide internal underfloor heating and hot water. The benefit of this system is that it’s not reliant on the weather; water can be heated at any time. Not only is this a very energy-efficient alternative heating source, it can also save money on users’ energy bills.

Green, sustainable technology

Another green, sustainable technology being piloted to create a more self-sufficient home, is our solar PV system, generating the house’s electricity supply. Solar energy has long been taken advantage of by home owners looking to reduce their overall energy bills and contribute to a greener environment, using solar systems such as ours to produce their own free electricity. In our self-sufficient house we were able to use our PV system advanced planning software to get the very best from the installation.

The software accounts for every variable that could impact on the performance of the solar system, even in the future. Adopting solar power for the house’s electricity supply is a stable and cost-effective way of coping with various energy requirements.

To find out how your home can best benefit from solar energy, contact us to arrange a free no obligation onsite survey.

Battery storage

We also took advantage of battery storage to store and distribute the supply during the evening. The battery is extremely adaptable to changing weather conditions, as when there is adequate solar energy, the electricity supply can run up to 3 weeks at a time without recourse to the national grid. This means that the house can still be maintained by renewable energy in the winter months.

LED lighting

LED lighting was additionally installed to reduce the house’s energy costs by up to 60% more than traditional lighting sources. LED lighting is another energy-efficient development which provides a more intelligent and adaptable living environment. The long-lasting lighting adapts to the environmental conditions and the needs of the users, making for improved spaces as well as reduced costs.

Managing Director of the company, Ryan McShea, commented on the valuable shift the piloting has made to a sustainable future: “We are delighted to be piloting the first self-sustainable home in the New Forest.… We believe that due to the technologies that we have installed, a completely self-sufficient house could be achieved in the near future.”

We hope to be able to contribute valuably in the efforts to achieve this sustainable aim, as well as improve our renewable services for our customers. To find out more about our range of renewable energy solutions available, please contact us on 01425 461 461, or simply email


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