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All Things Octopus Energy Referral Scheme For Friends

What Is The Tesla Energy Plan?

Sign Up To The Tesla Energy Plan And Get £50 Off! The Tesla Energy Plan is an energy tariff tailored specifically to households that have solar PV and Tesla Powerwall installed, offering entirely clean electricity and energy savings of up to 75% compared to Big 6 tariffs, based on electricity consumption of 8,000 kWh/year.

What’s special about our sign up policy is that every time you refer a friend to the octopus sign up scheme you not only get £50 off, but we also get £50 accredited to our account which we’ve chosen to donate to a worthy charity to help support one of our engineers David, who has set his own challenge “4 lakes 4 days” where he’ll be stand up paddle boarding 4 lakes including Loch Awe, Lake Windermere, Lough Neagh and Llyn Tegid in 4 days, with the goal of setting the world record for the fastest time on each lake and raising money for the Alliance of sport, who aim to provide a safer environment and minimalise violent acts in the criminal justice system through the use of sport. We've already had multiple sign-ups from customers all over the country who want clean energy at an affordable price, in the process you've helped us raise over £200 in donations for an amazing cause.

Is the Tesla Energy Plan Managed by Tesla?

Tesla’s authorized retail partner, Octopus Energy, administers the plan. By joining the Tesla Energy Plan, you will become part of Tesla’s UK Virtual Power plant. Your Powerwall will be managed by Tesla and connected to a growing network of homes across the UK. The plan is designed to help support the energy needs and stability of the electricity grid–while providing you with ongoing savings through the most competitive rates in the market.

What Are The Tariff Details?

This tariff ensures there is no fixed daily amount on your bill. 24/7 import rate of 8p / kWh for current Tesla vehicle owners and 11p / kWh for non-Tesla vehicle owners. The lowest flat rate tariff available in the market. 24/7 export rate of 8p / kWh for current Tesla vehicle owners and 11p / kWh for non-Tesla vehicle owners for any electricity you export - up to 100% more than the highest flat S.E.G. tariff on the market .


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