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Choosing The Right Type Of LED Lighting For Your Commercial Project

LED lighting is now one of the most popular forms of energy efficiency to consider. Organisations are finding that upgrading to LED lighting has benefits for their staff’s wellbeing, and the general aesthetics and feel of the workplace can improve productivity.

Reduction In Running Costs

Coupled with the huge reduction in running costs, long term carbon reduction and a very small maintenance requirement, LED really is a winner all-round!! Empower Energy’s attention to detail with design, and commitment to quality both with products and installation, has brought us an enviable reputation. Our partnership with Philips has brought together the latest intelligent lighting solutions on the market today, with the know-how and back-up that Empower is synonymous with.

  • Phillips Coreline
  • CoreLine Grid Light
  • CoreLine High-bay
  • CoreLine recessed spot

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Good Lighting Important?

Led lighting is a great investment for many different purposes. Whether it’s an illuminating office space your looking to upgrade, a dull lit warehouse, a classroom to focus students learning, or a supermarket, led lighting does it all. LED lighting increases productivity and helps to enhance performance in the workplace as well as make a significant distance to those wanting a lighting system that stands out from the rest. Lighting can make such a difference to the way your perceived, a poor-quality lighting system can reflect badly on your business whereas good lighting is a reflection that you take pride in your workspace and the importance of good quality lighting.
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Is LED Lighting Expensive?

LED lighting initially seems like it’s a lot more expensive than standard lighting would be, however, when you add up all the maintenance standard lighting requires you'll find its a lot cheaper to pay a higher initial cost for better quality lighting that lasts several years longer than to pay for lighting that may be cheap at first but will actually end up costing you far more after maintenance and repairs are accounted for. So many people decide to get lighting that gives them a quick fix to an annoying problem, but they end up financially in a lot worse position because they don’t take the time to invest in lights that give them a long- term solution.
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How Long Do LED Lights Last?

LED lights have a lifespan a great deal longer than your standard fluorescent and incandescent lights have. This is because they are designed in a way that makes them far more robust and reliable in order for customers to get a lot of use out of them. LED’s can typically last more than 10 years, but this, of course, depends on the amount they’re used as well as the way there looked after. Customers often say they’ve had no issues with them and had good use out of them for over a decade. Whereas when you purchase non-LED’s you'll often find within 2 years they’ll need to be repaired or replaced because they burn out a lot quicker. This can be annoying especially when you're running a business because much like anybody else you want to purchase a lighting system and know that it's going to be reliable and last a reasonable amount of time, which is why LEDs are becoming increasingly popular on the market because people are realising that getting lights that are only adequate for a short amount of time aren’t suitable for commercial purposes.

Are LED Lights Environmentally Friendly?

LED lights can be up to 85% more efficient than normal lights. This is because LED lights convert the majority of what they produce into light and only a small percentage of around 6% is maintained as heat. This is a lot healthier for our environment because it means less harmful emissions are being released into the atmosphere, minimising the chances of global warming rises. LED lights generate light focusing in one particular direction meaning their level of brightness is significantly higher than normal lights which focus their lights in multiple different directions and therefore waste more energy than LED’S. LED lights last longer, and the longer the lifespan of the light the less Co2 produced into the environment. Overall LED lights are a lot more beneficial for the planet than incandescent and fluorescent lights are.
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Do LED’s Save Energy?

LED’s have many proven benefits to them including being a lot more energy efficient than non-led lights. This means you could save a fortune just by upgrading your standard bulbs to brighter and more intense lighting. Saving energy is important to any business owner looking to be successful and save in as many areas as possible. LED’s give you the chance to do exactly this and enjoy the benefits at the same time.

How Do LED’s Work?

LED’s work by acting as a semiconductor in order to let out light. A current pass through the semiconductor and energy is then released and converted into light. This is the process behind what you see.

Can You Get LED Lights With Dimmable Controls?

Not all LED Lights have the option for dimming controls. If you're looking for LED's with exactly this, you'll need to ensure the lights you choose have the capability to dim properly. Getting LED's without this option means you won’t get the same effect you would with specially designed lights that have this built-in function. Trying to dim a bulb that isn’t made for this purpose could not only fail to work but could also result in the bulb being destroyed.

Choosing The Right Commercial LED Lighting For Your Project

  • Understanding what LED fitting you require when upgrading existing lights is important. Is the light level sufficient at the moment? Is the colour temperature (whiteness compared to daylight) correct? It is not just about the power as the more efficient light sources will have a higher lumen per watt output, so the wattage is not a level of brightness. Instead, light output is measured in lumens, the higher the lumens the brighter your light will be. It is usually worth having a lighting design undertaken and a free consultation with one of our experts.
  • Although LEDs, are still more expensive than the traditional lights try not to be put off by the upfront cost. Respected manufacturers will warrant their lights for 5 years or 50,000 hours, and the expected lifespan of these fittings is far beyond this. Up to 75% electricity savings can be achieved, meaning that there is a strong financial case for upgrading to LED. Commercial installations can factor in the cost of reduced maintenance requirements and the cost of replacement lamps.
  • Return on Investment:,Your investment can be paid back in less than two years in some cases. With a fully fitted solution from Empower, you can realise the true ROI and not just the cost of the light fittings themselves. The more hours per year the lights are used, the quicker the payback.
  • Financing Your Project:, Empower are Carbon Trust accredited suppliers with grants available for LED projects within the commercial sectors, and finance through our gold partnership with Siemens financial services. Philips capital solutions are also available. Capital expenditure, dependant on size of the project can be a deciding factor for organisations considering projects such as these. Leasing or financing options work on financing the project costs and the electricity savings covering the loan repayments.
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LED Coreline HighBay With Dali Dimmable

Coreline High-bay offers customers all the benefits of LED lighting - fresh light quality, longer service lifetime, reduced energy consumption and maintenance - from a trusted manufacturer. At the same time, it delivers clear benefits for the installer too. The luminaire can be installed on the existing grid. Electrical connection is straightforward: there is no need to open the luminaire for installation or servicing. And being smaller and lighter than conventional luminaires, it is very easy to handle

  • Simple point-to-point replacement for 250 and 400 W HPI high-bay luminaires.
  • Significant reduction in maintenance
  • Energy savings up to 69%
  • High efficiency: 125 lumens per watt
  • Consistent color rendering (CRI = 80) in compliance with EN-12464-1

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