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The Rugby Football Union states that rugby flood lights, particularly LED sports lighting should be bright and uniform. The lighting should provide uniform illumination over the full pitch. It should also ensure that the full flight of the ball is visible while providing good viewing conditions for players, officials and spectators.

Because recreational rugby and training is usually played in the evening after work, effective lighting maximises the opportunity for people to take part in the game.

Although the lighting level will obviously be lower than for broadcasted matches, the lighting quality should remain high in terms of uniformity, visual comfort and limitation of obtrusive light, especially in residential areas where sports fields are often located.

LED Sports Lighting From Philips

Sports lighting systems from Philips reduce energy consumption and minimize light pollution and over spill. The result? Happier club members, surrounded residents, and facility owners - who enjoy the low energy bills. Whether illumination is needed for an indoor or outdoor facility, each project is unique due to the variety of stakeholders involved in the process.

Cost-effective, sustainable, and smart

Philips offers the latest high-efficiency LED sports, lighting floodlights, providing a complete lighting solution communicating via the PerfectPlay control system, for the smallest through to the most complex outdoor sports facilities.

ClearFlood Large

The best solution for 1:1 retrofit

Rugby Pitch Lights Philips Clear Flood Large
  • Fast payback and low Total Cost of Ownership with energy savings and minimum maintenance
  • Multiple control options ensure increased efficiency with intelligent lighting
  • Combination of lenses and flux options ensure high level of project flexibility.


Conventional floodlight

Rugby Pitch Lighting for OptiVision LED gen2
  • Conventional asymmetrical floodlight
  • Available with narrow, medium and wide optics for flexibility in use; sharp beam cut-off for excellent control of spill light and limitation of glare and upward light leakage
  • Can be used with metal-halide lamps for good color rendering or high pressure sodium lamps for economical operation


Real LED solution for sports lighting

Clearflood Tennis
  • Designed for 1:1 retrofit, with high energy savings and a fast return on investment
  • Easy to select the required lumen performance
  • Five different optics ensure versatility in application
  • Ideal for small-scale recreational sports facilities

OptiVision LED gen2

A new era in smart area and recreational sports lighting

Rugby Pitch Lighting OptiVision LED gen2
  • Innovative floodlight with dedicated optics that ensure maximum optical efficiency and enable accurate light distribution with a minimum of spill light
  • Advanced Philips system controls and sensors enable additional energy savings (up to 65%) in area lighting applications
  • Minimized maintenance costs thanks to longlasting LEDs and the floodlights thermal management system

Flexibility - Both In Terms Of Application And User Needs

High Level Of Efficiency Both In Terms of Cost & Performance

Future Proof

Easy To Install And Maintain

Rugby Class I

EN12193: Eh ave > 500 lux

OptiVision LED gen2
Specifications OptiVision LED gen2
Poles 6 x 18 m
Floodlight 44 x OptiVision LED gen2 1471 W
Floodlight Type BVP525 OUT T25 50K 1xLED1940/757 A-NB/30
System Power 64.72 kW
Eh ave > 500 lux
Emin/Eave > 0.7
Ra > 70
GR Max 50
ULR 2%
MF 0.9
Rugby Pitch Flood Lighting

Rugby Class II

EN12193: Eh ave > 200 lux OptiVision LED gen2

OptiVision LED gen2
Specifications OptiVision LED gen2
Poles 4 x 18 m
Floodlight 20 x OptiVision LED gen2 1471 W
Floodlight Type BVP525 OUT T25 50K 1xLED1940/757 A-NB/30
System Power 29.42 kW
Eh ave >200 lux
Emin/Eave > 0.6
Ra > 70
GR Max 50.1
ULR 2%
MF 0.9
LED Rugby Pitch Lighting

Rugby Class III

EN12193: Eh ave >75 lux Optivision LED gen2

Specifications Optivision LED gen2
Poles 4 x 18 m
Floodlight 8 x OptiVision LED gen2 1160 W
Floodlight Type BVP525 OUT T45 50K 1xLED1630/757 A-NB/30
System Power 9.28 kW
Eh ave > 75 lux
Emin/Eave > 0.5
Ra > 70
GR Max 49.6
ULR 2%
MF 0.9

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