LED Lighting For Church Buildings

Lower Maintenance, Improved Brightness And Lower Energy Costs

Creating Great Atmosphere

External & internal LED lighting will increase the overall look and feel of a building, as well as decreasing the overall running costs.
Philips offer the latest high-efficiency LED lighting systems. LED lighting can be used to upgrade exterior and interior LED church lighting, helping you to reduce your energy spending by up to 75%, reduce your maintenance costs and create a brighter safer environment for your congregation.

Church Interior Lighting

LED lighting can be used to brighten darker areas of a church which may not be lit by conventional lighting. Modern LED lighting is much brighter so you won't need the same amount of lighting. LED lighting can be colour adjusted to change the ambient look and feel of the room.

Benefits Of LED Lighting

  • Lower maintenance, average LED lamp is guaranteed for 10,000 hours.
  • Brighter lighting to increase the ambient environment
  • Lower running costs


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