Led School Lighting Can Reduce Bills By 50%

Typically School Lighting Accounts For More Than 50% Of A Schools Electricity Usage

Energy-efficient lighting not only can make significant savings in any school, but can also improve the learning environment. Research has found that younger students in particular often find their ability to concentrate suffers during the early morning hours that are common in schools. LED Lights can help to shift their natural biological rhythms to overcome early-morning tiredness and to jump-start their school day more quickly.

The Carbon Trust is offering Carbon Trust Grants For LED Lighting up to £5,000 for commercial small and medium sized UK businesses,who could benefit from financial support when buying and installing energy efficient saving equipment.

LED School Lighting Grant

With an LED Lighting Government Grant your company could get up to £5,000 towards upgrading to a new lighting system for your school.

For the last 14 years we have specialised in the design, installation and commissioning of Renewable Energy systems, LED lighting system design and installation, Electrical Inspection & Testing, Battery Storage and EV charge points, De-stratification systems and all Electrical contracting from domestic to Industrial including repair and maintenance in Dorset, Hampshire and surrounding counties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can You Get LED Lights With Dimmable Controls?

Not all LED Lights have the option for dimming controls. If you're looking for LED's with exactly this you'll need to ensure the lights you choose have the capability to dim properly. Getting LED's without this option means you won’t get the same effect you would with specially designed lights that have this built-in function. Trying to dim a bulb that isn’t made for this purpose could not only fail to work but could also result in the bulb being destroyed.
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How Long Do LED Lights Last?

The most frustrating thing with lighting is when one bulb starts to die out and you suddenly have a domino effect of all the others not working how they should. It becomes an annoyance to keep changing them. Whereas, Led lights can last up to 10 years before they need to be repaired or replaced. This means you don’t have to worry about constant removals and changes to your lighting system.
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Will Light Direction Be Improved As A Result Of LED Lighting?

LEDs are completely different to normal fluorescent, halogen and an Descendant lights. Unlike normal lights that have multiple light directions. Led lights focus their direction in one place and as a result of this, you'll see a great brightness level. LED’s are an intense type of lighting that works to improve brightness through specific details that make them stand out from the rest of the lighting on the market.

Do LED Lights Save Money?

LED’s could save you a significant amount of money each month because they use far less power than your standard Incandescent bulbs to generate the same wattage. LED’s are therefore a lot cheaper to run and without the need to keep paying for new ones every 2 years like you would any other light you could end up saving yourself more money than you think.
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Does LED Lighting Increase Productivity?

Lighting may not seem like such a big deal when it comes to schools. But efficient lighting is essential for any school that wants to achieve maximum success. Unlike normal lighting LED lights have been proven to increase productivity levels by a significant amount. This gives you the ability to get the best out of your students whether its academic or sports and with quality LED lighting you get complete focus.

Why LEDs Over Standard Lights?

LED’s maximise efficiency and work to operate around your lighting requirements. People often think LED’s are an expensive choice of lighting and therefore usually choose to go for a cheaper type of lighting because they think it will save them money, but, in the long run, this is the complete opposite. The initial price of led lights are more expensive however, you get your moneys worth and they end up being a lot cheaper than standard lights would be. LED lights don’t have to be replaced for up to 10 years whereas normal lights usually need to be replaced within 2 years of getting them otherwise they’ll burn out. This is the major difference between your average lights and led ones.

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