Philips GreenWarehouse Lighting System

Using Philips GreenWarehouse To Transform Your Business

In the past, conventional lighting technology and lack of lighting controls meant that lighting had to be permanently on for safety. In 24/7 operations such as warehouses, this was costly to run and not sustainable. Now, GreenWarehouse puts an end to those days – by delivering lighting ‘on-demand’.

GreenWarehouse is a future-proof and flexible lighting system designed for a facility of any size and is suitable for both open spaces and racking.

It’s a perfect solution for new build or retrofit projects – simply replace existing light fixtures point for point, and add wireless controls.

Philips GreenWarehouse is future-proof and it’s flexible. Above all, it’s efficient

So if you’re ready to save 50% on energy costs in comparison with non-controlled, fixed-output lighting installations, it’s time to choose GreenWarehouse. Easy to implement and install, it means you can have your warehouse, your way.

Your most efficient warehouse yet

The days of costly 24/7 industry and logistics lighting are over. Philips GreenWarehouse lets you provide safe, efficient industrial lighting on demand due to sensors that detect people and vehicles and adjust lighting to the right levels automatically.

GreenWarehouse suits new and existing warehouses and industrial buildings of any size, whether the facilities are open space or deploy racking. With long-life energy-efficient LED industrial lights and flexible dimming zones, it can save up to 50%* on energy costs.

It’s easy to install – simply replace existing luminaires. No new cable infrastructure is needed, and wireless controls let you configure your system easily.

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Why Philips GreenWarehouse Lighting?

  • Create a safe and sustainable facility with presence detection, activating only the lighting needed for each activity
  • Customize lighting zones, profiles and dimming levels to deliver exactly the right light levels to keep your team productive while saving energy
  • Reduce maintenance costs with long-life LED industrial lights, and save even more on energy use by setting background dimming to 10%
  • Get started quickly with plug-and-play wireless controls and easily reconfigure your lighting if your facility layout changes

Philips GreenWarehouse - Your Warehouse Your Way

  • Lighting has always been a challenging issue in 24-hour warehouse environments. Designers and specifiers are more focused than ever on reducing the use of energy in warehouses and making the environment a more attractive and productive place to work. With the latest generation of LED technology, it’s possible to increase light quality and flexibility while reducing the time and money associated with maintenance.
  • It’s future-proof and it’s flexible. Above all, it’s efficient. With philips greenwarehouse, you can typically save 50% on energy costs compared to non-controlled LED installations with fixed output. That’s because smart lighting systems can anticipate and respond to the changing needs of the people who are using them. And in addition to this greater personalisation, you get to see an increase in productivity and improved safety too.

    The GreenWarehouse system is fast to implement and easy to install, whether you’re refurbishing your existing operation or developing something entirely new. Now, you really can have your warehouse, your way.
  • Financing Your Project: , Empower are Carbon Trust accredited suppliers with grants available for LED projects within the commercial sectors, and finance through our gold partnership with Siemens financial services. Philips capital solutions are also available. Capital expenditure, dependant on size of the project can be a deciding factor for organisations considering projects such as these. Leasing or financing options work on financing the project costs and the electricity savings covering the loan repayments.
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Philips GreenWarehouse Case Studies

Rapid Return On Investment

Rising energy bills are squeezing profit margins. More than ever, you need a warehouse lighting system that pays its way.

With GreenWarehouse, the super-efficient LEDs, zoned lighting and daylight sensors generate up to 50% energy savings – the system typically pays for itself in just three years. Which means from Year Four onwards, you’re in profit-boosting territory.

Philips GreenWarehouse System Components

You can install Philips GreenWarehouse in number of ways, to suit your specific application and needs. Choose from a range of robust luminaires - mixed to suit the different area lighting requirements in your warehouse – combined with wireless controlled presence detection units.

Whichever system make up you choose, you can be sure it delivers flexibility and substantial energy savings for your Warehouse operations.

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